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You need a lot of maintenance if you have a chick and stunning looking Dodge Caliber in your garage! You can end up paying hefty maintenance and replacement bills at the end of every month. Still, owning a car like the Dodge Caliber is worth paying that money. However, you can minimize the bills if you know how to buy and from whom to buy the authentic car parts for replacement!

At time of replacement, you may ask yourself how important the part is for your car. Often, many car parts are not essential for safe driving. For example, knob on the heater or the latch on the glove box is not mandatory for the car safety hence, you may prefer not replacing them, or if you replace, you may settle for a cheaper one. However, for some other parts such as the Dodge Caliber mirrors, you cannot do the same as the mirrors play an important role as safety features of your car. The Dodge Caliber mirrors have to be taken care of properly and on a regular basis, as they not only secure your safety but also safety of everyone inside the car and on the road. A small blind spot caused by smashed or foggy side view mirror, can cause fatal accidents.

Know More about Functions of Dodge Caliber Mirrors:

Like any car mirrors, the Dodge Caliber mirrors are the staple components of the car. Many people, mostly women, use the car mirrors as grooming accessory but in reality, the Dodge Caliber mirrors work as more than that. By only looking at the Dodge Caliber mirrors, driver gets the view of the peripherals and can calculate the approximate distance and speed of other cars while driving in traffic.

The rearview mirrors of the Dodge Caliber mirrors are located in the uppermost center near the windshield fronting of the driver’s area and reflect the images out of the rear window.

Side view mirrors of the Dodge Caliber mirrors, come usually attached to the car doors on both sides and help the driver to be able to see the vehicles coming from behind. The rear and side view mirrors also help to see people or objects at the times of backing up or changing lanes. These functions make the Dodge Caliber mirrors essential for the car.

It is not unknown to anyone that, mirrors are prone to breakage, even the slightest nudge from another vehicle can result in cracking of the mirror. Older models can also deteriorate with age. Deterioration or breakage, any of the two calls for immediate replacement of Dodge Caliber mirrors for saving the riders of the car from accidents.

To buy authentic Dodge Caliber mirrors, make sure the mirrors come with the following features:

1.    Complies with federal safety standard FMVSS-111
2.    1000+ applications for a wide range of domestic and import vehicles
3.    Complete assembly, comes with housing and mirror (for manual mirrors)
4.    Complete assembly, comes with housing, mirror, connector, wiring (for power mirrors)
5.    Highest quality materials used in manufacturing process
6.    Direct bolt-on replacement for OEM mirrors
7.    Plug & play installation
8.    Designed & manufactured at ISO 9001-2000 certified facilities

The aforementioned features attest to the quality of the Dodge Caliber mirrors. For buying quality mirrors, however, buy from experienced online car parts retailers.