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The 13th March 2013 saw the release of the much anticipated 13 plate cars! But will the superstitious drivers among you avoid these new cars because of the negativity that clings to the number 13? Many people believe that buying a 13 plate car would be tempting fate and car dealers are anticipating a drop in sales!

Would you purchase a new 13 plate car or will you hold off until September to nab yourself a 63 plate car? How far will our superstitious go? Check out these unusual driving superstitions:

  • Black Cats = Bad Luck

One superstition that people believe is that if a black cat crosses the street in front of your car then this will bring you bad luck. This idea originates from Japan with many countries following suit. People believe making an ‘X’ with your hands will protect you from the bad luck.

  • Black Cats = Good Luck

Another, more positive superstition is that if a black cat crosses your path then this is actually a sign of good luck and you should definitely go and buy a lottery ticket!

  • Funeral Cars

Funeral cars – this is another one that causes a bit of controversy. Some people believe that if a funeral car passes you in your car you should hide your thumb or you’ll be at risk of bad luck! While other people believe passing funeral cars are a good thing as all your bad luck will be taken away in the coffin.

  • New Cars Need Coins

In parts of America it is common practice to toss coins onto the floor of a newly purchased car however the idea behind this is perhaps more practical than superstitious. With the amount of toll booths and parking charges popping up all over the place having some extra cash rolling around in your car is always handy!

5 Dangerous Driving Superstitions:

  1. If you drive through an amber traffic light you need to touch the ceiling of your car whilst doing it.
  2. You must hold your breath whilst driving past graveyards
  3. You must also hold your breath when you’re driving across any county borders.
  4. If you happen to be crossing a bridge or railway track in your car you need you need to lift your feet up.
  5. If you see a tractor then you need to close your eyes and make a wish.

4 Ridiculous Motor Racing Superstitions

  1. David Coulthard was famous for wearing his lucky underpants while Alex Wurz always wore different coloured racing boots.
  2. Racing drivers despise green cars; they are seen as a bad luck omen to many. In 1920, Indianopolis 500 Champion Gaston Chevrolet was driving a green car when he was killed in Beverley Hills California – and this is where the green car superstition began.
  3. When it comes to NASCAR drivers it seems they have a real aversion to peanuts which are in their shells to the point where unshelled peanuts are banned from garages and pit lanes! This superstition stems from a time before the war where for some reason there was a spate of road traffic accidents were peanuts were found in the cars involved.
  4. If you watch Valentino Rossi carefully you will see he has to put one boot on before the other, one glove on before the other and he has to get on his bike in a certain way.

Yes, superstitions are ridiculous, weird, unusual and often don’t make a lot of sense! But regardless of all that we believe in them. Do you have any strange superstitions? Leave a comment and let us know!

This post was written by Meredith Watts, she recently braved the number 13 and bought herself a brand new car with the help of Moneybarn, the car finance experts who can help make your dream car become a reality.