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Although they might seem superficial, scratches in your car’s paint can reduce the resale value significantly, as well as detract from its overall appearance. There is no need to drive around in a vehicle webbed with cracks, especially not when there are a few simple and eco-friendly ways to fix it at home without having to invest in a costly new paint job.

Not Just For Whitening

The most common method of repairing scratches is also the most surprising. Toothpaste includes a natural abrasive gentle enough to clean teeth but strong enough to effectively buff away superficial scratches in your car’s paint. After cleaning and thoroughly drying the area you want to repair, apply some toothpaste with a soft cloth. Using a fair amount of elbow grease, buff the scratch away using a circular motion. You’ll be surprised at how something can be so efficient with such little impact on both your wallet and the environment.

A Little Mood Lighting

Until now, using candles as an instant repair for enamel scratches has been considered a dirty car lot secret. If you want to improve the appearance of your vehicle cosmetically, find a candle in a similar color to your car and rub it on the affected area. The wax will seal the cracks and once buffed to a shine with a soft cloth, it will last until your next car wash. This is not by any means a permanent solution, but it is still ingenious and may come in handy if your car needs to be immaculate in a hurry.

Sand the Cracks Away

If you are looking for a more permanent solution, you may want to consider doing a minor repair job yourself. If the scratches go into the primer, you are better off consulting a professional as the process is much more involved. However, surface scratches can be sanded away using ultra-fine sandpaper from an auto supply store. Clean and dry the scratch and using sandpaper dipped in a detergent and water solution, gently sand the area. Once you have smoothed the surface, buff with a rubbing compound and then wax to restore shine. You probably spend a great deal of time in your car, and if you are like most people, a great deal of money is spent on it too. If your scratches aren’t too deep there is absolutely no need to dip into your savings for toxic paints and services. Most of what you need to improve your car’s appearance can be found at home, and with a little work, you can have your car showroom ready again in no time.

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