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Unfortunately, rather than relax, I often get agitated by other drivers! These are the 5 habits that probably annoy me the most in other drivers…

Tail gaiting

Tail gating – following the car in front of you too closely is very common, and I’m sure that most people who do it don’t know how annoying and potentially dangerous they are. People who think they are being followed too closely don’t focus closely enough on where they are going – and that could be dangerous for everyone allowed.

Using a mobile phone while driving

How many times have you seen someone staring at their lap, texting at the traffic lights? I’m sure you’ve also seen drivers chatting away merrily on their mobile, driving down the motorway. I’m fed up of seeing this. It happens far too regularly – and it’s often the innocent party who ends up suffering most/ in a crash. Using a mobile phone while driving makes some people just plain crazy.

Slow drivers

This might be a strange ‘bad driving habit’ to some, but slow drivers can definitely cause frustration, especially on single roads. Another annoying type of slow driver is the slow driver who joins a freeway at a much slower speed compared with the rest of the traffic already on the freeway. Many people don’t know that slow drivers can get tickets too

Not driving for the conditions

Fair weather drivers who suddenly get stuck in a rainstorm can be dangerous too. They often don’t have enough experience to understand how the changing weather conditions will impact how their car responds on the road.  Regular drivers who drive a modern car are often guilty of this as well – they often think that their car will always respond in the same way.

Staying in the fast lane on the freeway

There’s a certain type of driver who loves to block the fast lane on the freeway. Why oh why? Is it because they aren’t looking in their rear view mirror? Or is it simply because they just don’t care about other drivers?

Sure, I mostly use my compact SUV for short city trips, but when it comes to the weekend I want to get out and about into the countryside and forget about commuting to work.

What do you think? Do you agree? I know I’m not a perfect driver myself but I’m sure I’m not as bad as some of the idiots I seem to encounter every day!

Angry driver


Sandy James is a regular commuter from Sydney to Melbourne. She’s seen a lot of bad driving in her time and thinks that slow drivers are the worst!