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Distractions in a vehicle can be dangerous for both the driver of a vehicle and other motorists on the road. A simple distraction is all that is necessary to a miss a red light or fail to stop. Drivers have many types of distractions in a vehicle that can potentially cause an accident. Avoiding five common distractions is an easy way to prevent an unnecessary accident.

Mobile Phones

One-quarter or more of accidents on the road are caused by people using a cell phone. The use of a cell phone does not necessarily involve texting. A person can be easily distracted by simply taking on a cell phone to another person. There are two risks to a driver who is talking on their mobile phone. One of the risks is a significant amount of mental capacity is being used for conversation. This will reduce any driver’s ability to spot oncoming threats. A second risk is that a driver will have one less hand to use on the steering wheel.


Many Americans stop at all types of fast food places throughout the day. This means they will often be eating while driving. One reason people eat while driving is to save time when running late. The act of eating in a vehicle often involves looking away from the road for a second or two at a time. When eyes are taken off the road for even a second, then an accident can easily occur. If the food is messy, then an already distracted driver will need to wipe their hands. This takes one or more hands off the wheel.


Women, more than men often take time to groom themselves when driving to work or social event. The process of grooming often involves styling hair, applying makeup, and even shaving. These actions all typically require the use of the mirror on the window visor. Taking eyes off the road to look at a mirror is an opportunity for an accident to occur. This distraction is dangerous to the driver and others driving on the road. Drivers should be grooming before they travel or after they arrive at their destination.


Many people driving on the road often have one or more passengers. This is especially common when carpooling. The urge to have a conversation when in a vehicle often means that drivers are often being distracted by passengers in the back or in the front seat. These types of distractions are not too likely to stop in the near future. The result is going to be an accident if passengers do not realize a driver should not be distracted when concentrating on the road.


This is a category of distracted driving that has many aspects. All vehicles have a radio that is actively used when driving to work or for leisure. Many newer vehicles also have a navigation system that can be used hands-free. One crucial factor is that many options are after-market and rely on users to touch their finger a screen or look at a small monitor.

The one dangerous aspect of electronics is the use of a tablet or other device when driving. There is no need to use a laptop or iPad when driving down the road. Reducing distractions is the only way to keep unnecessary accidents from occurring.

Today’s guest post was contributed by Alex L., blogger for Rue & Ziffra. Alex spends the majority of his free time with his two dogs, Knuckles and Zumie.