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If you are looking for a new Ford, then you probably have made the right decision. Ford vehicles have only gotten better in the last few years and you will probably be satisfied no matter what choice you make. However, purchasing a car is a pretty big investment so you should be talking to your Ford dealer before you agree to the deal. Questions that you make will answer any doubts that you may have about the car, style and benefits that you will get from the Ford company.

Miles Per Gallon

The gas prices have soared in the last few years; that is no secret. So it only makes sense that a lot of people are now concerned about the miles per gallon in their new car. The good news is that Ford has many different options which your Ford dealer can tell you about when it comes to gas saving cars. In some cases, you don’t even have to go for an expensive model in order to get the best miles per gallon.


Another very important question that you should be asking your Ford dealer is the features that come standard with the car. While a lot of features are extra, in recent years Ford has included some great features that come standard. A lot of cars will come with Sirius satellite radio as an added bonus. Always make sure that you ask about the features that come standard for the car that you are looking for as different models have different options to them.

Check What Options You Can Remove

In some cases, you will be able to remove some options from your car, reducing the price overall. Keep in mind that some of the options may come standard but even then you may not be able to use them so why even have them in the first place? If you are okay in the price, then standard options are a great addition, but if you are looking to save money, make sure you ask about all your possibilities.


One very important question that you should be asking your Ford dealer is the warranty that comes with your vehicle. Keep in mind that every car manufacturer will give you some sort of warranty but they are limited. In some cases you can purchase additional warranties and you may want to consider those. Those warranties can be included when you finance the vehicle so you may not even notice the price difference that much.

Maintenance And Repairs

Since you already asked about the warranty, it is also a good idea to ask about where the repairs are made. The most convenient option is when a dealer is able to make repairs to cover warranty right on site but that is not necessarily the only option. You can check the track record of the dealership when it comes to repairs and maintenance online before you ever visit the dealership. Though you don’t expect to use repairs and maintenance any time soon, you should still know the facts.

Trixxie loves to write on Cars and Bikes, She drives a Ford herself and knows the nitty gritty when it comes to buying a Car. While researching for this artcile she found Thomson Ford to be one of the leading ford dealer in Australia.