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If you’re looking for a windshield replacement for your car or truck, you have probably noticed there are a large number of companies and individuals who advertise their window replacement services are “The Best.” You will see companies who work out of large auto body repair shops, and small fleets that may provide replacement services right at your door. Getting a high-quality, safe, windshield replacement is key for you and your family’s safety. So how can you tell the companies that provide high-quality work, from the ones you’ll wish you never called?

Here are 5 tips on finding a good windshield replacement company who will do the job right the first time around.

1. Look for reputable affiliations or certifications

If the company has a website, keep your eye out for reputable business affiliations or certifications indicating the company is recognized as an auto glass professional. Some examples include the Auto Glass Safety Council and the National Glass Association. These entities provide certifications demonstrating windshield replacement professionals have been trained to the auto glass industry’s current safety standards. The Better Business Bureau is also a good place to check to ensure the business has a good rating, and doesn’t have a discouraging record of complaints or violations.

2. Check the company’s references

These days, online reviews, such as, can give you reliable feedback regarding the quality of a company’s customer service and workmanship. However, if a company has only a few reviews, you will want to get additional references if possible. Remember that anyone can leave an online review, so it could be the owner’s sister, girlfriend, or best friend. Try asking friends and family who they recommend. If you hear a name come up more than once, it’s a good sign the company does reliable work at a competitive price.

3. Do they work with your insurance carrier?

In most cases, your insurance company will be paying for a significant portion of your windshield replacement. You will want to hire a windshield replacement company who works regularly with your insurance company to facilitate timely funding and/or reimbursement. You can start by asking your car insurance company who they recommend. Otherwise, call the companies your friends and neighbors suggested and make sure they accept your insurance before you make an appointment.

4. Safety first

If the windshield replacement company is a member of nationally recognized organizations, and works with your insurance carrier, odds are they practice safety first. Even so, the materials and practices they use can have a significant effect on the safety of your replacement job. For example, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) glass and adhesives might be more expensive, but they are usually more safe than their knock-off counterparts. You also want to verify the “safe drive away time.” Different adhesives have different drying requirements before the windshield is considered safe to drive. Make sure this time is accounted for in your scheduling.

5. Can they work around your schedule?

How long will it take the company to replace your windshield? Do they come to your home or place of business? While safety is of the utmost importance, you need to make sure your car will be done in a time frame that is convenient for you. You might not even have to leave home or work to have a perfectly new windshield the next time you drive your car.

These five tips can help you find a windshield replacement company that is reputable, offers competitive prices, and will replace your windshield with high-quality auto glass you can depend on to keep you safe.

The writer of this article, Nicole, has been writing about car care for year. She recommends Instant Windscreens as a great windshield replacement company.