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While a car is obviously fundamental to a lot of people’s lives, it is also important to keep costs down and save money where possible. Unfortunately taking a lot of journeys in your car can mean that you are making more fuel trips than you would like. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can save money on gas, and cut down those costs. Here, Carcraft provides some advice…

1. Reduce the amount of idling you do in the car

If you are waiting for somebody in your car, or if you are stopped for a short while in a parking lot, then turn the engine off where possible. Idling in your car can waste unnecessary amounts of fuel, and if you aren’t moving, then there is the chance to stop that wastage.

2. Plan your journeys

Cutting the amount of unnecessary journeys in your life can not only save money, it can also help to save your time. If you have a number of places to go to during a given week, then try to combine them into as few journeys as possible, so you are reducing the amount of gas being used going back-and-forth between the various places. Plan your journeys around times when there is likely to be less traffic on the roads too.

3. Be prepared to shop around

Not all filling stations offer the same prices, so it’s important not to settle for 2nd best if you can avoid it. Be prepared to shop around a little to find the best price for fuel, especially if you are considering filling up your tank for a long series of journeys.

4. Consider switching to a diesel or hybrid car

Diesel-powered cars can offer benefits in terms of fuel economy, and hybrid vehicles are obviously much better. Hybrid vehicles produce fewer emissions and provide excellent mileage, so you will not also be saving yourself money, you will also be helping to save the planet in the process!

5. Reduce the weight of your car

One other great tip to reduce fuel usage is to reduce the overall weight of your vehicle. If you are regularly carrying excess weight in the back of your car, then you will ultimately be using more fuel to get around. Consider taking unnecessary things out of the car to cut down the overall weight.