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What were you interested in when you were younger? For lots of people it’s definitely cars and for some reason from a young age they fall in love with them. Even people who are too young to drive have a connection with cars and pray for the day they will be old enough to drive them. When we eventually get older our perspective can sometimes change. Maybe we don’t have money to buy the car of our dreams, so we just settle for what we can afford, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

That passion inside of us never dies. It’s maybe hidden and hard to find, but it definitely doesn’t go away. We love speed and want to drive like a racing driver whenever we get on the road. We love the sound of the car revving and it’s like music to our ears. Did you know that you don’t even need to spend money on a new car to experience it? There’s some great days out you can have driving any kind of car around a course of your choice and they are not too expensive. Let’s look at a few now and see if they look interesting to you.

Visit a go-karting track


These little machines are definitely not what you’d call a classic car, but you get to go fast and race people so it’s a lot of fun. When you step into a proper car you might have to race by time-trial, but in a go-kart you get to race real people and use your skill to overtake them. That’s definitely not something anyone is going to let you do in a Ferrari. It’s also very cheap and something that can be done often if you fall in love with it.

Get on your bike

Some people love two wheels more than the four-wheeled variety and if that sounds like you then why don’t you try out a bike track? It’s dangerous to go fast on a bike because other drivers are stupid and you can’t guarantee not being hit, but when you’re on a track it’s different and you can reach higher speeds without as much risk. That’s not to say speeding around a track on a motorbike isn’t dangerous, so you still have to be careful.

Moving up in the world

The ultimate day out for you could be driving one of the world’s most exclusive cars, but don’t forget that the window needs to be down so you can feel the wind in your hair. It’s unlikely you will ever get to drive one of these cars to the supermarket, so spending a few hours in one can give you an adrenaline rush like nothing else. All you need to do is locate a track close to you that offers the car you want and you’re golden.

Joining the army for a day

You might think all these options aren’t good enough because you want something bigger. If you really want to take it to the next level then book yourself in for a tank session. That’s not a typo; you’ll actually be driving a full-sized tank. You won’t get to fire the cannon, but I’m sure you’ll be happy enough driving over the rough terrain and pretending you’re in some far off war saving lots of lives.

Getting off the road

Instead of driving on a track you might find a little boring you could take it off-road. Jump inside a truck and drive through rivers, over hills, and across the kind of terrain that will constantly have you jumping out of your seat. You’ll find places around the country that cater to this if you think you have what it takes. It might just turn into something you have to do more regularly because it’s so much fun.


Betty Johnson is a car enthusiast and has driven all kinds of cars, be it a sedan or a truck. She says that she follows car news to keep track of the developments of the auto industry.