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It’s summer, and time to grab the family and hit the road. Even as gas and BMW service prices continue to climb, driving to your destination is cheaper than flying for the average family. Most of us just use our current cars for road-tripping, but there are other choices out there. Here, we’ve assembled a short list of the best road trip cars for families.

The Lincoln MkT

$44,000 to $49,000

MPG: 17 (city)/23 (hwy.)

This car may have a rounded appearance, but if you’re hauling a family across the country, it’s perfect. The word “spacious” isn’t sufficient to describe the car’s interior; once you add options like refrigerators, cruise control and panoramic sunroofs, it gets even better. One thing that makes this a good road trip car: When you arrive, it can park itself!

The Chevrolet Camaro

$23,000 to $34,000

MPG: 17 (city)/29 (hwy.)

The back seats aren’t ideal for cross-country trips, but the Camaro is a way to have fun driving without blowing your budget. There’s plenty of space for two people and their luggage; the Camaro is available with OnStar navigation and assistance.

The Subaru Outback

$23,000 to $31,000

MPG: 19 (city)/27 (hwy.)

If your destination involves some off-roading, the Outback strikes the ideal balance between comfort and function. It’s not as stout as a Jeep, but its ground clearance and available all-wheel drive mean that it can handle most obstacles. Don’t let its off-road ways fool you; the Outback is very roomy and surprisingly roadworthy.

The Nissan 370Z

$29,000 to $38,000

MPG: 18 (city)/26 (hwy.)

If you’re going solo, you can have a lot of fun with this zippy Nissan. The 370Z is available as either a roadster or a coupe; it’s fun enough to drive long distances, and roomy enough to avoid being too hard on the legs and back.

The Ford Flex

$30,000 and up

MPG: 17 (city)/24 (hwy.)

Its exterior styling takes its cues from the beloved “woodie” of the 1940s and 1950s, and the Ford Flex also delivers on passenger comfort. It can seat up to seven people, and legroom in the second row is more than ample. There are three rows of seats, behind which is a 20 cu. ft. cargo area (if the third seat is folded, you’ll have over 43 cu. ft. of space).

The Honda Odyssey

$32,000 and up

MPG: 18 (city)/27 (hwy.)

The Flex slightly edges the Odyssey in terms of rear leg room, and greatly trumps it in terms of cargo space. There’s 38 cu. ft. behind the third row of seats, and if you choose to fold down that seat, you’ll have a huge 93 cu. ft- enough to haul all your vacation necessities.

There are definitely easier ways to get to a destination, there’s something to be said for the family road trip. We all remember them from our childhood- why not create some new memories with your kids this summer? With any of the vehicles on our list, it’s easier than ever.

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