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Tail lights of any vehicle play a pivotal role for maintaining safety of a car and its riders. The same holds true for the Honda Element tail lights as they contribute to maintain safety on roads for the Honda Element as well as for other vehicles, in quite a substantial way. Like any other tail lights, the Honda Element tail lights make the road safer for the vehicle following you. From indicating your presence on the road to indicating your turns on right or left, the tail lights do everything to make your ride safer. At the same time, the Honda Element tail lights indicate the following car not only about when your car is going to stop but also about when is the right time to overtake your car. All these functions make the Honda Element tail lights inevitable.

However, not only functions, but look of the Honda Element tail lights also makes it an infallible part of the car. To match emerging stylish themes of cars nowadays, Honda Element has evolved with sets of attractive tail lights. With various shapes and designs. The Honda has made it sure that the Honda Element tail lights look luxurious and at the same time so bright that people on road cannot fail to notice them. Select the replacement of Honda Element tail lights smartly by placing your order for Honda Element tail lights with a good and reputed online retailer of car parts.

Now when you receive the delivery of Honda Element tail lights from the retailer, the next obvious question is ‘How will I fix the tail lights on my own?” Read below how you can fix the Honda Element tail lights on your own:

Step 1

Make sure the Honda Element is off and the keys are not in the ignition.

Step 2

Open the hatch and the tailgate.

Step 3

Find out the single screw at the bottom of the Honda Element tail light assembly and with a flathead screwdriver pull it back.

Step 4

Pull gently the tail light assembly and take it away from the rear fender. As the wire harness is attached to the rear light sockets, you will be allowed to move the assembly 7 or 8 inches back from the fender.

Step 5

Locate the tail light socket and turn it one-quarter counterclockwise and it will be unlocked from the back of the assembly. Now pull the old tail light from the socket and insert the new tail light straight into the socket. Now place the socket into the assembly and by turning it clockwise it will be locked into place.

Step 6

Place the Honda Element tail lights assembly back into the tail light cavity, but before replacing the screw test the tail light to make sure it is working. Now, turn the lights off.

Step 7

Replace the assembly, place the two pins in the holes and tighten the screw of the tail light assembly.

See, how simple is to fix the Honda Element tail lights!

Before you fix the Honda Element tail lights, however, make sure you have checked the user manual came with the tail light package. Remember, if you are not confident of replacing the Honda Element tail lights yourself, trusting a professional mechanic for the job is highly recommended.