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The Dodge Dart is a compact sedan with an affordable price, bold styling and numerous amenities. However, this car really stands out when it comes to safety features and the small details. Details which include a two-tone interior and an illuminated instrument panel; features which make this vehicle stand out in a competitive segment.  Gas mileage is major concern for many buyers; the Dart achieves an estimated 40 mpg combined.

Buyers get to select from 4 different trim levels; SE, SXT, Rallye and Limited.  The base SE model is equipped with a V4 2.0 Liter engine with a total output of 160 horsepower and 148 lb feet of torque. Dodge engineers have addressed safety thoroughly; the Dodge Dart is among the safest in its class. Storage has been well thought out; there is even a hidden storage area underneath the passenger front set in addition to the roomy glovebox.  MSRP for the base model stands at $15,995 The Rallye is the mid-level option with a bolder physical appearance thanks to a prominent fascia, dual exhaust tips and a leather appointed steering wheel.

The top of the lime RT model comes equipped with extras such as a leather interior, an adjustable driver’s seat, 18” wheels and a sporty black grille. The Uconnect System is available; this feature allows the driver to utilize voice commands in order to receive and place phone calls and control audio functions. Uconnect also allows the driver to control climate and navigation functions via the large touchscreen.  The RT id equipped with a V4 2. Liter engine with a total output of 184 hp. Additional extras include temperature controlled leather seats and a sport suspension.

As mentioned earlier, Dodge engineers built the Dart with safety in mind. Safety features include an air bag system consisting of 10 air bags; that is more than what is offered in some luxury vehicles.  A reinforced frame is in place which absorbs energy during a collision. Additional safety options include a blind spot monitoring system and a rear view camera.

Another aspect that makes this vehicle stand out is versatility and the ability of buyers to customize it. For starters, it’s available in a total of fourteen different color combinations and three wheel sizes. Dealers across the nation such as Dodge Orange County currently have it in stock. The Dodge Dart is the very first vehicle produced by Chrysler and Fiat jointly. It look as if the Dart will appear some much needed life in the compact sedan market.

Written by Jacqueline Starz – Dealers such as Enterprise Car Sales generally carry a large selection of vehicles including those from Dodge.