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One of the most priced possessions to a person is their car. And there are a lot of accessories available to load up your car and make it a true machine with all the gadgets installed to facilitate your ride. There are customized car accessories available to suit and fulfill your needs.
Everyone wants to listen to their favorite tunes while driving on the roads. To fulfill this need of yours, the best accessory available is a car DVD player. There are various brands in the market which manufacture these players and have different price tags according to the features provided in them. Most of them nowadays come with an auxiliary port and a usb port drive for plug and play option. Some come with inbuilt bluetooth devices which can sync with you iPods and mobile phones via bluetooth to play music as well as receive calls. Some of them also come with the support for navigation and a screen to display the location and maps.


All the cars in the market come up with inbuilt headlights. Some of them are halogen lights and some high end cars come with led log lights fitted in them. One can customize the car headlights by taking up another option than the regular headlights fitted in the car. There are HID (Xenon) lights available in the market which comparatively have a better range and brighter white light. Although sometimes its not safe for the highways as the drivers of the cars coming from the opposite side can actually feel some problems with these as it makes a person go blind for a second just like the camera flash. But it does improve the overall style statement of the car. There are also laser light technologies been developed by some companies to provide them in their upcoming cars.


There are devices available which can tell you about the temperature inside and outside of the car. A Car Thermometer can tell what is the current temperature and is a very useful tools. It lets you monitor and tell you the effectiveness of your air conditioning system inside the car by comparing the outside temperature with that of the inside. But car thermometers can sometimes be inaccurate by 10 degrees or more. Most of the high end cars come with inbuilt car thermometers and its definitely a good gadget for to buy if you already don’t have it in your car.


One of the most important accessory is the car charger. Suppose you are getting late for a meeting and your phones battery is dying, these kinds of situations are when car chargers prove to be most beneficial. All the car chargers available in the market fit in the power port of your car and charge your phone easily. It is advisable to buy a genuine product as the cheap copies can effect the battery life of your phones. Every company provide different car charger depending on the charging port of the mobile.