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Do you remember what kind of car you used to drive 20 years ago? I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t say it was comfortable and it definitely wouldn’t be classed as safe. It wouldn’t have had heaters inside the seats that would warm you up on a cold winter’s morning. If you were involved in a car crash it wouldn’t have had an airbag that would save you from instant doom. Compared to what you’re driving about in these days it must have been rubbish.

Now think about what you’ll be driving in 20 years from now. If car technology can improve so much in 20 years you have to wonder what it will be like going forward. Do you think you’ll be taking to the sky in your car because it now has wings? Do you think your future car will be driven by a robot chauffeur who permanently sits in the front seat? Those are maybe too advanced at the moment, but let’s look at some technologies you are more likely to see.

Airbag brakes

When your airbag is deployed it’s usually as soon as you come into contact with something at a fast enough speed, so you can forget about it stopping you from crashing. All it can do is lessen the impact on your face, which seems to work quite well and airbags do save lives. In the future our airbags will deploy underneath the car before you come into contact with something. The whole idea behind it is that you will slow down before crashing and your chances of survival will be much higher.

Panels that store energy

Hybrids are becoming really popular and electric cars are also starting to get our attention, but are they really a big deal? All we are doing is making a car heavier by putting a big battery inside. In the future we will have magical car panels that absorb energy from the sun and they will be used to give our car all the juice it needs. If you live somewhere really hot who knows if you will ever need to charge up again?

Self-driving cars

You might not have a little robot that will drive the car for you, but is it possible your car will be able to drive by itself after gathering information using sensors and probes? You might think this sounds a little sci-fi, but Google is actually trying to build a self-driving car as we speak. It might be a few years until it hits the road, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. Your car would maybe do a better job of driving than you because it won’t make human errors.

Cars that talk with each other

It’s impossible for you to know what another driver is thinking, but at least if cars can talk to each other you will know what their car is doing. When you’re driving down a road at night you don’t have any idea if another car is going to come out of nowhere and smash into you. If that person’s car told your car it was coming then your car could warn you of the danger. It might not be as fun as having your car driven for you, but it will definitely save lives.
The Future

Futuristic dashboards

Have you ever seen the movie, The Terminator? When the robot looks at someone he has a type of dashboard appear in his line-of-sight. That is the kind of thing fast-jet pilots also see inside their facemasks and soon it will eventually become a reality inside your car. You will be able to see how fast you’re going without taking your eyes off the road. It will also tell you a huge range of other things so you can drive a lot better than what you do at the moment.

Jeremy Fischer is an automobile enthusiast. He enjoys driving cars as much as Frank Sinatra loved singing. He can drive for hours without getting tired. He recommends armored vehicles as they provide safety and privacy.