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Originally, the term ‘limousine’ was coined for any enclosed private car that had an open driver’s seat and while that accounted for many of the vehicles on the road at the time of the early 1900’s, there was still a slightly decadent air to the phrase.

In time however, the term came to mean a truly luxurious vehicle and one that was generally supplied with a Chauffeur.

An American Invasion?

Many assume that the growth in stretch limousine production came from America where the famously luxurious Lincoln vehicles were used to transport Presidents and senior politicians in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

It’s certainly true that America were pioneers but their efforts were mirrored by the Soviet Union at the time. However, the west soon appreciated American Lincolns rather more than they did Soviet Zils.

Limos for Pleasure

The United States can also claim responsibility for the rapid rise of Limos for private hire and this started after the cars themselves became popular with movie stars and Hollywood actors in the 60’s and 70’s.

The average American citizen may not have wanted to emulate the presidents and politicians of the time but they sure wanted to be like Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. In a short space of time, limo firms were cropping up all over the country to take you to the Prom, a bachelor or bachelorette party or maybe even a gaudy Las Vegas wedding.

The idea of using this is a commercial setting soon spread to a group of entrepreneurs and the business of owning a fleet of stretch cars became commonplace. Soon, the whole world was getting access to the type of vehicle that was normally only reserved for the rich and famous.

Invasion Complete

A similar progression started in the United Kingdom and although you would not have seen the Prime Minister and members of the cabinet in the equivalent of a pink Hummer, the 1980’s would see footballers and celebrities from all walks of life turning up to red carpet events in a stretch limo.

Naturally, we all wanted to be like our heroes and the popularity of hiring a limousine for our own special occasions has grown to be the phenomenon that it is today. If you’re looking forward to your own limo date, remember that the idea of using a luxury car has been around for longer than you might think.

Stretch limos are readily available and are hugely popular but at one time, you had to be rich or at least famous to enjoy one.

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