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In this review, we’ll take a look at the current Acura NSX version, its engine, interiors, exterior, fuel efficiency, among other factors that make the Acura NSX a great American car classic.


Acura is a well-known and loved brand that is known for producing high-quality, powerful, fuel-efficient and durable cars. The Acura NSX is the first car to sport an aluminum exterior. According to, this car was designed to test the boundaries between evolution and revolution. This is a concept car yet to be released into the market, but features a two-door coupe, and weighs as much as an SUV.


The all-wheel drive formula and a V6 engine give the car a much-needed zolt of power concentrated in its rear wheels through the use of an electric motor. The 3.0 liter engine delivers 270 horsepower, and the result is a car that feels like it belongs on a fast-paced racecourse. The manual transmission is sufficiently smooth, and transitions well when shifting into first gear.

Fuel Efficiency

This hybrid supercar looks like it zoomed out of a futuristic movie set, and can hold its own when it comes to fuel efficiency. A dual-clutch system is the secret behind this hybrid’s fuel efficiency ; positive or negative torque are constantly sent to the front wheels, which is especially useful for cornering, helping improve efficiency and vehicle handling.


The current Acura NSX model is slated for release in a few months, and sports the luxurious interiors that diehard lovers of this brand have come to expect; leatherette covering on all seats, an impressive multimedia center console that is iPod and USB ready, and access to traffic reports from a dedicated channel, helping you avoid traffic-clogged streets.

Pricing and Environmental Commitment

The estimated price for this baby currently stands at $80,500 to $140,000, and its release is probably slated for this fall, if not early next year. The Acura NSX has successfully been able to redefine the sports car look by offering something unexpected, without compromising on performance, style and efficiency. It is easy to drive, given the test drives it has been subjected to by numerous car enthusiasts, shifts smoothly and offers great forward visibility.

Other basics are kept intact; these include anti-lock brakes, double-wishbone suspension and automatic climate control. An acceptable power-to-weight ratio is promised by the automaker, giving drivers who are waiting with bated breath to order one later this year an idea of what to expect from this gorgeous and exotic Acura version. Additionally, Takanobu Ito, the Honda CEO reaffirms the company’s commitment to environmental issues, maintaining that the fun spirit that the car embodies doesn’t take away from the environmental responsibilities expected from this and other future models of the Acura NSX.

If you’ve watched the Avengers, chances are you’ve seen this upcoming supercar zoom across the screen. Whoever said that cars featured in movies aren’t real will have to take back their words this time around. The Acura NSX is set to take the auto industry by storm, ushering in a new era of style and evolution in the sports car market.

This model Acura is surely one to impress from its stunning interior to its sleek and sporty Acura wheel covers.

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