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If you’ve recently adopted a green lifestyle, you may have thought that luxury travel was out of the question. Gas guzzling limousines simply don’t fit in with an environmentally friendly way of life. Thanks to innovative thinkers in the auto industry, luxury travel has received a green makeover. Here are four electric limousines that will allow you to travel in the style that you are accustomed to without sacrificing your environmental ideals:

Nissan Leaf Limousine

The next time you book a room at an Embassy Suites Hotel, you may just find yourself riding in a Limo Nissan Leaf. Embassy Suites, known for its stance on luxurious customer service, has extended its services to include transportation via an electric limousine to and from its Nashville hotel. The limo can seat six passengers comfortably thanks to added length in the middle of the vehicle. Interestingly, the Limo Nissan Leaf runs on the original 24kWh battery. One charge of the battery gives the car a 58-mile range and is perfect for guests’ short trips.

Fiat 500 Stretch Limousine

Castagna Milano, a coachbuilder based in Italy, has designed three versions of the Fiat 500 limousine for America. Though two of the limos run on gasoline, the third is powered by electricity. The LimoCity President utilizes the Mexican-built, American-spec Fiat as its base. Two electric motors power the limousine, and all-wheel-drive will get you where you need to go safely. With a single charge powering the car for up to 155 miles, this car may be the greenest limousine built to date.

KAZ – Keio Advanced Zero-Emission Vehicle

Japanese-designed and Italian-built, this limousine prototype rides smoothly on eight wheels and is powered by nothing but electricity. The computer-controlled drive train makes this car handle like a sports car instead of the behemoth that it is. Able to carry up to eight people, the car produces zero emissions and is 1.7 times more energy efficient than the average car. You may not think that eight wheels are necessary on a limousine, but it’s thanks to those extra wheels that the car is able to maneuver through sharp turns with the nimbleness of a sports car.

Phantom EX102

The battery-powered Phantom, built by luxury automaker Rolls Royce, is an electric limousine that has given nothing up when it comes to style. Resembling the more traditional Rolls Royce limo, this car may be the ultimate in green luxury. The limo can be charged in eight hours via induction charging, or in 20 hours via a standard electrical socket. A fully charged Phantom can travel a maximum range of 125 miles, thanks to its powerful 96 lithium-ion battery. Surprisingly nimble for a limousine, the car can reach 60 miles per hour in eight seconds and boasts a top speed of 100 miles per hour.

You don’t have to stop riding in the lap of luxury simply because you’ve adopted a green lifestyle. If these four limousines are any example, it’s entirely possible to ride in style without sacrificing your ideals. While they may not be mainstream as of yet, you can bet your bottom dollar that electric limousines will be the inspiration for luxury vehicles around the world.

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