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Emergency Car Kits Part 3  That is what else should you be “packing”  in your trunk , glove box or console that motorists and auto owners should have included in their roadside emergency auto or truck kit ?  While its true that you cannot carry the whole kitchen sink there are additions to the standard kit that expert auto mechanics , your dealership service center technical writer or your local motor league may well advise.

Drivers Carry a Spare Fan Belt :

First of all a spare fan belt or in newer cars single serpentine belt is good insurance , especially if you are starting on a long road trip.  One person delivering a truck for an auto dealership friend went on a long trek all the way from Winnipeg Canada to Whitehorse in the Yukon.  Lo and behold in the wilds of Northern Alberta the belt “went” .  Having that belt on hand sure made time and efforts a less easier and less stressful.  On top of that he was able to deliver that vehicle on time to a most grateful customer.  A word of note .  If you own an exotic specialty car, though its great to be unique on the road its also lonely if you need help and mechanical assistance. Its recommended to take along with you all the special tools needed to install that new “fan belt”.  On top of that even if replaced belts are stretched somewhat its a prudent and wise idea to keep unbroken belts around , just in case , in the trunk of the vehicle , or in a box in the truck bed to use as emergency spares.  These can be a temporary lifesaver until you can get down the road or highway to the nearest garage or auto dealer service center.

Stock a Spare Door Key Handy:

Secondly it is important to have a spare door key in your wallet or purse.  You want to be able to get into the passenger compartment. Its not as easy as it once was to unlock vehicles if keys are locked inside or inadvertently lost or misplaced.  A simple hangar and fishing around used to be all you needed , plus some expertise or patience.  Not any more. Yet on top of that with modern electronic and auto theft deterrent electronics and immobilizer harnesses its not only a standard mechanical key , but one with the matching electronic rfid gizmo to fire your engine to get you down the road.  Yet this offers a good two step safety opportunity for you.  Have a mechanical only key cut at your local hardware or big box store.  You can keep this spare key in your wallet , hidden somewhere tied on the car within easy reach or in a commercial magnetic key box.  The beauty is that this hidden key , or the key in your wallet will let you get in your vehicle should you lock yourself out.  Yet a thief cannot start and drive off with your vehicle with it.  A good tip from auto dealers is that if you only have that mechanical key and lose your start-up key with the rfid chip matching to your vehicle’s individual fingerprinted key-lock , that with access to your passenger compartment and glove box , is that your original auto factory owner’s manual will have a key record plate in it.  With this information , specific to your unique vehicle a trained and licensed locksmith can cut a replacement electronic key for you.  Then you are off on your way down the road to your destination.

Make Your Travels Easy – Preparation of a Full & Comprehensive Auto Roadside Emergency Car Kit:

It can be said that a major lesson of life is to learn to prevent trouble rather than having to react to it.  By preparing your auto emergency and safety kit fully ahead of time you can save yourself a lot of wasted time and energy.  After all a major role of fire departments is fire prevention rather than just fighting fires and disasters.

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McGillivray is a “car & truck guy”  from way back – even before he got his first Province of Mantioba driver’s licence way back in the 1970′s.  Still you can spot McGillivray’s distinctive voice speaking with authority expounding his views on car & truck models and the automotive industry at any of the Canadian donut shops around the Waverley Auto Mall. You may agree or disagree but then everyone is entitled to their experience and views when it comes to personal choice on vehicle preferences and purchases