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Everybody that takes to the roads has something to say regarding bad drivers.  Everyone has had a personal run in with at least one bad driver and we all have stories about the drivers who drive too slow, or too fast, who tailgate and who use their mobile phones while they are driving. Yet there are other drivers out there who cause just as much stress and annoyance as these types of drivers, but somehow they barely get a mention.

Terrified of Barriers

These are the drivers that seem unhappy in their own lane, something about the barriers along their side of the road has them drifting over to your lane, they are unwilling to stay to their own side of the road in case they drift too near to the safety barriers. Who knows what they think may happen, but traveling alongside, or behind them certainly makes for an interesting ride. To add to the worry are the drivers who do not only like to avoid safety barriers, but those who cannot cope with traffic cones in the middle of the road, being channeled into narrow lanes and forced to face their fears of oncoming traffic, best to give this kind of driver a lot of room.

Bikes the Size of Busses

How many times have you been behind a car that has pulled out to overtake a cycle, only to discover that they think the cycle is around the same size as a double decker bus, leaving you with no other option than to slam your breaks on and hope that the car behind you has noticed the idiot in front of you? It is almost as though the cyclist has some kind of force field in place to keep him safe, and provide at least 4ft of clearance. While the cyclist may appreciate the extra space the other drivers on the road definitely do not appreciate having to alter their driving to accommodate the actions of the one who appears to be totally spatially unaware.

The Overly Polite Driver

You’re in traffic and approaching a busy junction, and you are quite happy with the rule of the driver in front letting one car join the flow of traffic that you are in, however, as you approach the junction the car in front of you is not contact with just letting the once car out, he has to let out everyone. While this may be a nice gesture on his part it leaves the traffic behind you stationary and queues start to develop. People start getting frustrated at the fact that their journey has come to an abrupt halt and car horns start to be sounded. Then as if the driver in front had only just noticed what was happening behind him he will slowly start to edge his way forward again, but having lost his powers to the cars coming out of the junction is too timid to force his way through, and you now have to wait for the traffic that was originally giving way to allow him to pass.

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