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So you want to buy a car but you can’t quite afford it, never fear because there are plenty of good used cars available. That being said, buying used can be tricky. You never know if you are getting a lemon or not.  Fortunately we are here to help with our used car guides. We have looked at hatchbacks under 15k, now let’s look at the best used hatchbacks for over 20k.

2011 Used Volkswagen GTI

The first Volkswagen to make our hatchback list, the GTI offers up a fun and powerful driving dynamic that can easily zoom past its competitors.  This car is fun to drive while still being well-equipped and practical. It also keeps the precise, agile handling that Volkswagen is known for. It has a spacious interior and stylish interior that is comfortable. The rear seats are also comfortable and it has good cargo space.  It also has excellent safety scores but sadly lacks in the reliability category. It has a 2.0 liter, turbocharged inline 4 cylinder engine that gets 21/31 mpg.

2011 Used Nissan Leaf

The only all electric hatchback on our list, the Leaf means you will never have to stop at a gas station again. As long as you aren’t traveling far, the Leaf is a great option for short trips and driving around the city. While being all electric it drives and feels more like a gas powered car. Another nice feature is that the base package comes with a lot of standard features including navigation, Blue Tooth, a USB port and push button start.  The Leaf gets the equivalent of 106/92 mpg-e and when fully charged has a range of about 100 miles.  At home it will take about 8 hours to fully charge. Because of the battery pack the back seats are cramped and there is little cargo space. Still, if given the right circumstances the Leaf can be a great vehicle.

2011 Used Audi A3

The Audi A3 is a hatchback that has a wide range of options available. It can come in a diesel trim with impressive fuel ratings and a luxurious well designed interior. It boasts a fun, sporty driving dynamic and its superb safety scores will keep you alive. While the basic kit comes with dual-zone automatic climate control, leather seats and satellite radio, upgrades can include heated front seatsnavigation and Bose stereo.  The knock on this vehicles is it does have a cramped back seat and below average reliability which may up its long term maintenance costs. Outside of the diesel the A3 comes with a 2.0 liter inline 4 cylinder engine with 21/30 mpg.

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