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In today’s market used cars are increasingly popular. When it comes down to it, most people have pretty basic needs when it comes to automobiles. Really, in the end you just need something reliable, cost efficient and maybe fuel efficient that gets you from point A to B safely. Like your basic sedan. However that’s no fun! You want something with sport or style as well. Here is a list of best used sedans under $25,000 that offer up more than a Camry or Corolla.

2012 The Volkswagon Passat

Ever quirky yet stylish, the Passat takes our top spot as best used sedan. It is roomy and affordable enough to compete with the midsize big boys such as the Camry and Accord.  It featured the famed German engineering and has a smooth ride with easy handling. While it is no V6 it has enough power to get you where you are going quickly. It gets about 27 mpg and comes standard with a 2.0L 4 cylinder engine. It’s used car price start at around $20,000.

2012 Mazda 3

Mazda has carved out their own niche and style and the Mazda 3 makes for a great used car. It’s a little over the top it is a fun sport ride. Let’s just say it works hard and plays hard. It is equally good for a commuting to work or a night out on the town. Enjoy what it offers. Prices start at around $16,000 which makes it a slightly more attractive option then the Passat.  It gets around 27 mpg average and comes standard with a 148hp 2.0L 4 cylinder engine.

2012 Honda Civic

Now in its ninth generation this is one of the original cars that helped fuel the Japanese car craze back in the 1970’s. It is a stalwart of the sedan world. It offers modern features while maintaining a level of refinement despite the constant design changes. It has a smooth ride that handles well and sufficient interior space as well. Prices start at around $16,575 also making it more affordable then the Passat. It generates 140hp, gets 31mpg and has a four cylinder inline engine.

Hyundai Sonata

What used to be the biggest joke in automobiles is now the number company for customer loyalty and is one of the best used cars for sale. One test drive in this and you will be hooked. It offers excellent style, performance and handling. It is a little more than the above mention cars but well worth the value you get out of it. Be sure to check out its twin sister in the Kia Optima.  Used prices start at $20,570. It gets an average of 28 mpg and has a nice 198 hp producing 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine.

Buying used autos can be a tricky project. On the one hand you want to save money but on the other hand you want to get good value. The car listed about offer a good mix of both.

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