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Finding a good car lease in can be difficult, especially when you are busy professional or business owner.

According to “The Next Evolution of Marketing” by Bob Gilbreath, the average person buying or leasing a car spends 8 to 12 hours or more researching and shopping for a “deal.”

That’s time that many busy professionals and business owners just don’t have.

This “time crunch” has in turn led to a surge in “car brokers,” services that step in and help professionals get the car lease they need without the client having to waste valuable time that they could have spent working, closing their next big deal or with their family.

Now busy professionals such as athletes, entertainers and wealthy business people have another option when it comes to finding a great car lease besides having to take time out from their already jam-packed schedules.

Here’s how the car brokers typically work:

The busy professional contacts the car broker, or car leasing company, and tells them what type of car and what type of car leasing deal he is looking for and then the car leasing company takes care of everything else, including:

• Researching the available options

• Locating the exact type of vehicle specified

• Arranging financing

• And even delivering the vehicle right to the new owner

For busy professionals and business owners the right car leasing company can offer a way to avoid many of the most common problems that are associated with leasing a car.

For example, here are some common car leasing problems and the solution these services provide:

Problem: Car leasing is a hassle

Solution: The car lease company delivers a hassle-free experience by taking care of all the details for the client.

Problem: Don’t trust the car salesman/dealer

Solution: The car lease company works for the client, not the dealer – and have often established a network of trusted dealers

Problem: Leasing is complicated

Solution: The car lease company often has years of experience in the industry resulting in know-how that enables them to get clients the best deal possible

Problem: Don’t like haggling

Solution: The car lease company negotiates for the client

Problem: Feel like you got taken advantage of by the dealer

Solution: The car lease company is more apt to know what customer and dealer incentives are available and makes sure clients get a good deal

Problem: Over-abundance of information

Solution: The car lease company has the experience to cut through the noise to what information matters the most

Problem: Your time is valuable, and you don’t have extra time to spend at a car dealership