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Car dealerships in NJ know that drivers want a lot from their cars, and so do the drivers themselves. Consumers who purchase vehicles aren’t willing to settle for anything less than high quality cars that keep them and their families safe. Considerations like fuel economy and style are also important, but overall, people just want cars that offer the best in quality for the price they’re willing to pay. What many drivers aren’t aware of, however, is that they can get these kinds of high quality cars used, especially if they buy certified pre-owned Toyotas.

What Does Certified Pre-Owned Mean?

Like other vehicle manufacturers, Toyota is very concerned with maintaining a good public image. This doesn’t only apply to their new vehicles, however; the firm wants to ensure that people think their used cars are reliable as well. The Toyota certification program is a dedicated effort to make vehicles more reputable, even if they’ve been through a previous driver or two.

Certified pre-owned vehicles have to go through rigorous testing to achieve their certification. This testing includes a quality assurance inspection that requires the vehicle to pass evaluation by a qualified Toyota mechanic. The mechanic will judge 160 different aspects of the car including hardware conditions, functionality, convenience, safety features and other important factors. Afterwards, the car must undergo a CARFAX vehicle history report to reveal if there are notable defects or damages in its past that would disqualify it. Finally, mechanics and technicians with factory training recondition the vehicle based on Toyota’s original factory standards.

Certification ensures that even Toyotas that aren’t new are as close to it as possible. By maintaining approved certification programs, Toyota car dealerships in NJ are able to provide consumers with more reliable vehicles.

Other Benefits of Certification

Toyota certification also allows car dealers in NJ to add more beneficial provisions to their buyer’s agreements. These include 7-year, 100,000-mile limited powertrain warranties and 12-month, 24-hour roadside assistance plans. The time periods of these provisions usually begin when the vehicle was originally purchased as new, but many used buyers are still able to take advantage of the remainder of eligible time.

Other major benefits of certified used Toyotas include higher future resale values and 12-month, 12,000-mile comprehensive parts warranties from the date of certified used purchase. Overall, certified used vehicles are reliable because of the exacting testing standards they undergo and because of the additional consumer protections they afford drivers.

Compared to other used vehicles that don’t offer such guarantees, buying from a car dealership in NJ that supports the Toyota certification program is a much smarter investment.

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