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You might love your vehicle maybe more than you should, but since it’s a source of such personal delight and you think a customized emblem would add that ‘finishing touch’, be prepared to be overwhelmed at the choices of emblems you can choose from.  The internet is bursting at the seams with companies offering endless emblem options.   Here, we’ll touch on just a few material choices that could give your wheeled treasure a bit of eye-candy appeal.

Custom Chrome:

These durable works of art are actually made from automotive–grade plastics.  This amazing material is available by the square inch and the finished products are car-wash proof,  weatherproof and fade-proof and are backed with 3M adhesive that will ‘stick it’ to any kind of weather condition imaginable.  This is the same type of medium used in car manufacturing plants and no holes are required for attachment.

Every conceivable theme or genre is producible, whether devilish faces, hornets, wording, initials, pigs with wings, sundials, dragons, cryptic symbols, religious symbols, military or collegiate, even political affiliations, etc.  Just about anything is doable—-much like a tattoo where designs are limited only by one’s imagination.

Billet Aluminum:

Billet aluminum is a true aluminum product procured from a solid chunk of aluminum as opposed to being cast from molten aluminum.  Because of this, billet aluminum is considerably more durable than its cast counterpart.  It can be hand crafted and polished to a brilliant shine or a matte finish.  It, like custom chrome, is available by the square inch and one should expect to pay around $5 to $7 or more per square inch, depending on whether one orders a thinner or thicker gauge.  The price will, also, be determined by the complexity involved with production.    Billet Aluminum emblems can be purchased pre-made or custom designed to suit your fancy.  Designs can be coated with permanent colorations such as chrome, black, white, red and silver flaking.

Carbon Steel:

Carbon steel, also available by the square inch, is a combination of iron and carbon and is virtually indestructible.  Whether pre-made or customized, these stunning pieces will dazzle the eye with colorations and finishes that will prove to be conversation starters.

Due to the weightiness of billet aluminum and carbon steel, drilling holes is required to ensure a snug, permanent fit.

When ordering car emblems, expect to pay a one-time setup and rendering fee.  This can be anywhere from $60 or more.


If you have a plain-Jane emblem that came with your vehicle, you have the option to spice it up with the addition of a sprinkling of crystals or a complete, smothering layer of them.  Adding real crystals to your emblem will transform it from ordinary into extraordinary.   ‘Bling’ is the operative word, here!  Companies will take your mailed emblem and transform it into a miniature masterpiece.    Emblem crystals are available in a variety of colors including blue, pink, yellow, green, purple, black and brown.

Whatever emblem you might choose, you’ll definitely be adding some pride to your ride!

Miss Burgin is a retired elementary school teach who now devotes her free time to writing.  She enjoys writing about many different subjects including auto emblems.