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It doesn’t matter how much we may look after our cars, it is inevitable they will become damaged at some point. Whether through our own carelessness, or by fault of another driver, accidents can and do happen and things can get broken or lost. While most parts of the car are kept relatively protected from knocks and bumps by the bodywork, other parts of our cars are more exposed. If you have picked up a knock or two on the road, it is fairly likely that one of the following may be damaged.

Wing Mirrors

Wing mirrors are probably the most commonly damaged part of our car, partly because they protrude from the sides. The thing about wing mirrors is that even though they may be part of the mechanical operation of your car, it is very hazardous to drive without one so they simply must be replaced. Thankfully wing mirrors are not too costly, so replacing them should not be too much of a burden.


Town planners often seem to have it in for motorists and have a penchant for laying sleeping policeman that can cause havoc with the underside of a car. As well as putting the suspension under pressure, an axle could easily give a sleeping policeman quite a knock, causing damage to the axle. If you have a damaged axle then your car will be dangerous to drive, if it can be driven at all, and must be fixed. Unfortunately having an axle replaced could be quite costly so you should try to avoid those sleeping policeman and other potential hazards where possible.

Gear Box

We’ve all heard the terrible crunch of a gear box when the foot is not down hard enough on the clutch. That crunching sound is the gears inside grating against each other at very high speeds and this causes considerable stress. If enough care is not taken then the gear box could fail completely and you will be unable to get your car into gear. Having your gear box replaced is another costly operation so it is wise to take as much care with it as you possibly can. If somebody is using your car and they seem unable or unwilling to push their foot on the clutch all the way to the floor when changing gear, you should consider getting them more lessons or stop them from using your car altogether.

A stub axle is something that could become damaged with relative ease and if your axle is damaged, you should get it repaired or replaced before you go back on the road again.