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The first car I ever owned probably cost me more in repairs than it did to buy it. It was a great little vehicle when it was working but sadly this was for too infrequently for my liking.

As I had a full time job working in an office, I didn’t have the time to carry out my own repairs, even though I already had a fair idea about this kind of thing thanks to my Dad. When I moved onto my second car the same thing happened and I felt for a while that I was only working to keep my mechanic well fed and smartly dressed.

The solution to my problems came when my Dad found out about the chance to open up a SMART car repair franchise. I still don’t know when he first made the decision to go online to investigate it, as he once told me that the Internet was a flash in the pan which he was going to steer well clear of. However, he did and the result was that he proposed to me putting together our savings and giving it a go. Here are the key points he used to convince me.

A Potential Big Earner

We had both worked for other people all our lives and it was clear that this was not the way to make as much money as we wanted to have. I had always wanted to take the step to working on my own but had been afraid of the risks involved in this. This kind of repair franchise seemed perfect, as it would let us follow a proven business model and potentially earn a lot of money. We got off to a great start and haven’t looked back since then, even winning some national awards for how well we have performed.

No Experience Needed

My Dad learned a bit about car repairs in the army and he passed some of that knowledge onto me. At first I was worried that a lack of formal qualifications would hold us back but it turned out not to be the case. We were given full training and were ready to go about our repair business right from the very start. This was important to us, as we simply didn’t have the money in the bank to sit around and wait to get going. After a couple of months we had become experts in our franchise and no one would have believed that we hadn’t been doing it all of our working lives.

Great Support

As we had always worked for other people it was important to us that the franchise opportunity offered us a lot of support. I have always been afraid of stepping out on my own and while my Dad looks pretty fearsome to people who don’t know him I was well aware that he had never been one for taking risks. The support we got given from the very start was instrumental in helping us become comfortable with the idea of running our own business. The success stories we heard about from other parts of the countries gave us a great deal of confidence and meant that we never really felt as though we were alone in doing this. It is now impossible for us to imagine going back to being employed again. Once you have tasted the success and the freedom of having a big earning car repair franchise it is impossible to turn back the clock and consider living live you did before and spending most of your wages on getting other people to fix your vehicle.

With a SMART repair franchise you can find a rewarding new career and enjoy the freedom of being in charge of your own business.