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There are several different types of technology being used on the road today. Although these technologies strive to be helpful, often they can be hurtful. The types of technologies that can distract the driver’s attention causing car accident related injury or death include the following:

  • GPS direction navigation devices
  • Digital CD/radio consoles
  • Cell phones or Smartphones
  • DVD players
  • Backup cameras and car TV’s

GPS Direction Navigation Devices

GPS direction navigation devices were invented with the idea that they could help people find their way to various places. However, fiddling with the GPS device while driving can pose a serious risk to those who are on the road–not to mention the driver and his or her passengers. Therefore, drivers should not try to figure out directions to how to get somewhere on the way to getting to that place! It is not only dangerous–especially on highways or in fast traffic–but it’s also foolhardy. To think that one could change the channel on the radio or change a CD handsfree is simply ridiculous unless it is a system that is set up for that. Since most systems have to be manipulated manually, it does not make sense that someone should try to master a digital console while driving. This is just yet another distraction which could become a very serious, disastrous problem.

Digital CD/Radio Consoles and DVD Players

Anytime the driver’s attention is taken away from the road, that could be the same split second in which an accident occurs. It only takes one moment of inattention to get involved in a traffic accident–potentially endangering several lives on the road. The safety of all involved is the issue at hand. Not only are there people in one’s own car, but there are people in other cars with their own family, friends, and loved ones on the road as well. Fidgeting with the controls on a digital CD/radio console or any kind of digital player in the car is a mistake that beginning drivers often make. This is not the kind of behavior that one hopes would be typical of more seasoned drivers. Yet, it’s tempting to want to change the station when one doesn’t like the song being played on the radio. However, keeping one’s hands off the radio and keeping them on the steering wheel are what could save several lives, so it should be made a force of habit not to get distracted in this way.

DVD players and in-car displays are one of the most dangerous devices to have in your vehicle especially if in the front seat in the drivers view. It is far too easy to become distracted by the display. Not only if ou may be attempting to watch a movie while driving but also at night the display can temporarily blind the driver. It only takes a short moment for everything to go horribly wrong. Keep your eyes on the road at all times !

Backup Cameras and Car TV’s

Backup cameras and car TV’s can be very distracting to drivers as well. While drivers may be worrying about other peoples’ safety by installing backup cameras, they could be very distracting–and ultimately, problematic–for drivers. Also, car TV’s can be very distracting as well. Even though the driver may not be directly in the line of watching the TV, the sounds can take a toll on the driver’s hearing. Therefore, the driver might not be able to keep his or her attention on the driving at hand.

Without a doubt, some of the devices like navigation devices, digital music consoles, backup cameras and car TV’s were meant to enhance our society in a technological way. However, what has happened is that these devices have unwittingly allowed drivers to become more lax causing a massive increase in the number of car wrecks and accidents. Hopefully, in years to come these distractions will be reduced. Injuries caused by car accident are no laughing matter and in some cases mean death. Let’s keep those roads safe for each other!

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