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Many people think that car theft is just a matter of chance. But the truth is, not every model of car is as likely to be stolen as others. And it’s not necessarily an issue of “the more expensive the car, the higher the danger.” In fact, older car models generally have less sophisticated locking systems, and are thus at a substantially higher risk. To keep your automobile in the spot where you left it, you should always be sure to secure the vehicle when you leave it, by locking the doors and rolling up all the windows. Additionally, only park your car in open, public places that are well lit, and never leave your keys in the car for any reason; stealing a car takes knowledge and time, but not if the thief finds your keys sitting on the front seat. Here are a few more facts and tips about car theft in the united states.


John Carver works as a writer for an online defensive driving course in Texas. He spends the rest of his time working on his cars.