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This infographic shows the alarming trend toward increased distracted driving in the state of California and the United States as a whole.  As a personal injury lawyer, I have seen too many examples of the tragic results caused by people who choose to use a cell phone or to text while driving.  Texting and use of hand-held cell phones while driving in California is illegal for all drivers.  A collision caused by distracted driving is not an “accident” – it is a choice made by a driver who put their own convenience above the safety of others.  I hope that this infographic will help encourage more California drivers to make the responsible choice of hanging up or pulling over to text.

In this infographic, you can see several important points illustrated:  The high cost of distracted driving, with as many as 23% of auto accidents in the United States involving cell phone use; and its prevalence, with 1 in 11 drivers in California talking or texting on the roads at any given time.  I was particularly interested to see that parents could be serving as better examples to their children.  Most teens report that their parents provide a “do as I say, not as I do” example, with over 90% of teens nationwide witnessing their parents on the phone while driving.  I feel that we as a nation can do better, for ourselves and for our chlidren.

Chris Purcell is an Orange County personal injury attorney –