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The Chrysler Sebring mirrors are indispensible part of the Sebring. Like any other car mirrors, the Chrysler Sebring mirrors provides image of everything that is directly in the path of the car. Depending upon the curve, the Chrysler Sebring mirrors reflect anything within its scope. For safety reason, using the mirrors is recommended. The Chrysler Sebring mirrors provide exact view of the traffic to the driver so that the driver can make a right moving decision on road. The Chrysler Sebring mirrors help in many situations, starting from making turns, backing up and parking to the use for occasional makeup and retouch for some women!

Due to its very positioning, the Chrysler Sebring side view mirrors are prone to damage but keeping in mind the functional importance of the Chrysler Sebring mirrors, replacing the broken side view mirrors is essential. Replacing the Chrysler Sebring side-view mirror does not have to be performed at a body shop or dealership. Many cars, nowadays, offer a very simple procedure to replace the mirrors. In case you are a motivated do-it-yourselfer, then the steps mentioned below will help you replace the Chrysler Sebring mirrors easily.

Step 1

Keeping in mind your Sebring’s color, make, and year, buy the replacing side view mirrors of the Chrysler Sebring mirrors online from a reputed car parts retailer.

Step 2

Buy a trim tool from local auto parts store. Now roll down the window and shut your Sebring off.

Step 3

Disconnect the battery’s negative cable to avoid the risk of electrocution.

Step 4

Use a screwdriver to remove the entire door panel and start the removal process by removing the screw of the arm rest. Take off the lid of all screws locates around the outside edges of the door. When all lids are off, take all screws out of the panel.

Step 5

Using a trim tool will help to take the clips out around the car door. Once the clips are out, pull the door panel from the door.

Step 6

Now, take out the water shield from the power mirror casing and disconnect cord of the power mirror from the door panel connection.

Step 7

By using a socket or a ratchet, take out the side view mirror bolts so that the entire mirror assembly from the car can be removed easily. Prying the plastic tabs and using a torx driver will be important to separate the mirror from the mirror assembly.

Step 8

Now place the new Chrysler Sebring mirror, attached to the backing, into the mirror assembly and tighten the screws to attach the mirror to the door panel. Then re-connect the power mirror cord to the cord on the door panel


Step 10

Place the water shield back in its position and replace the screws to install the Chrysler Sebring mirror cover.

Step 11

Place all the clips and attach the door panel then tighten all screws. Put all the screw caps in the reverse order.

Step 12

Now, connect the battery, and confirm that the Chrysler Sebring power mirror works properly.

Replacing the Chrysler Sebring mirrors is easy once you learn the steps. In case you are not confident of replacing on your own, take help from professional mechanic.