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When you are getting ready to buy a car, whether you want a used vehicle or a new one, you must be ready for the dealership. Car dealerships are places that really believe in the hard sell, and if you go in unprepared, you are going to end up paying more than you need to for your car. If you are intent on getting a good deal on your next car, consider these tips to help you survive the bargaining process and come out on top.


The worst thing that you can do is walk on a lot with no idea of what the car that you want costs. Whether you are invested in a brand-new car or one that has been gently used, you need to understand what the car sells for in your area. For a new car, simply knowing the Blue Book value alone puts you way ahead of other people, and for a used car, you can look at online listings.

Time Your Approach

When you want to make sure that you are getting the best deal, make sure that you come in at the end of the model year If you are planning to keep the car for several years and if you are comfortable with the one year depreciation, picking up a new car at the end of the model year can net you a fantastic deal. Car dealers are eager to get rid of the older models to make way for the new ones, and you can use this to your own best advantage.

Bring a Friend

If you are not comfortable bargaining, you can always bring a friend who will take care of the bargaining for you. Even if you are comfortable doing the negotiations yourself, you will find that you can benefit from bringing a friend along to deflect questions and to add another critical eye to the mix. You never know when a sharp-eyed friend will catch something that you failed to pick up, and this can be a great way to get the best deal.

Dress Well

The key to getting a good deal at the dealership is to dress the part. You do not want to look as though you have a great deal of money, because then you will be dealing with salesmen who want to give you all the extras. On the other hand, you do not want to dress poorly because then you might be given no service at all! Dress smartly, but keep it casual. You want to make sure that you can command respect without looking like a fat commission.

Stay Calm

When it comes to negotiation, one of the worst things that you can do is rush into it. There are too many people who simply think that negotiation means talking over the other person. Let the salesman talk, and think about what he says. You are not going to be asked to leave because you are taking too long to answer. Being calm is a good way to get ahead; if you can show them that you are not going to be rushed, things can become a lot clearer and more straightforward.

Be sure that you know how to get the best deal for you when you go to get a new car!

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