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Buying a new or used car can be exciting, but it can also be a frustrating and very challenging task. It is not something that is done regularly, so there are sure to be a lot of mistakes that can be made. By avoiding some of the major mistakes, a person should be able to get a great car at a decent price.

Not Researching Vehicles Beforehand

A big mistake that is made by many people would be to not do the appropriate research. Before ever stepping foot into a dealer, the buyer should have a relatively solid idea as to the type of vehicle that is desired and any accessories that should be included. In doing this preliminary research, a lot of vehicles can be weeded out. When it comes time to go to the dealer, things such as cost and the specific accessories can be focused upon. Without this research, people tend to buy vehicles based upon emotions. If a particular model is not in mind, a purchase can be made based on falling in love with a particular car rather than getting the ‘right’ car.

Only Going with Dealer Financing

In addition to researching different models, a buyer should look into financing options ahead of time. This would include going to the local bank and seeing what options are available when it comes to automobile loans. These loans will often be at a better rate than what can be done through the dealer. By having this option, a buyer is not locked into the rates and financing that can be offered at the dealer.

Focusing on Monthly Payments

One of the first questions that is usually asked by the salesperson would be about monthly payments. More than likely, the buyer has an idea as to what this number should be, but this information should not be discussed at first. Instead, focus on the big picture. Focus on the overall price of the vehicle, and the monthly price will be worked out from there. If the monthly payment is focused on, it is easier for the salesperson to add in extras and still keep the monthly payment.

Not Knowing Value of the Current Car

In most cases, a car is going to be traded in when the new car is purchased. Dealers will often offer a low amount for the traded vehicle. Once at the dealership, this often seems like the only option. Knowing the value of the car is essential. Before going to the dealer, have the current vehicle appraised. Most car dealers will offer free appraisals to customers. Getting this done by at least two dealers will give the buyer a good idea of what the vehicle is worth. If an offer on the vehicle is too low, use this information to negotiate. There is also nothing wrong with selling the vehicle to one dealer and then using that money to help pay for a vehicle from another dealer.

There are many more mistakes that can be done when buying a new car. By avoiding these top mistakes, the car buying process should hopefully go much smoother.

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