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The information provided will help in understanding the many reasons why a car stalls. If someone experienced a stalled car, safety becomes the priority. Sadly, many people have been seriously injured and even killed while dealing with a car that stalled. Therefore, if facing a problem on a busy street, it might be best to have a tow truck driver move the vehicle to a safer location. If the car is off the road at a safe distance, the reasons listed in this article could be considered a possible cause. With this, an individual would have a better idea of what things to try but also when to call for help.

Reasons why that Cars Stall

We will start by saying that no matter the reason, having a vehicle that stalls can be maddening. For some reason, it seems this only happens when in a hurry, dressed up for a special event, or late at night. There are several reasons why a vehicle would stall, some that are quick and easy to fix and others that would need to be worked on by a qualified mechanic.

  • Weak Battery – If the battery has been significantly drained, it might produce just enough power to start the car but when slowing down it would not have enough power to keep the vehicle going. If the battery is still in good condition but drained from leaving the headlights on, a jump start followed by allowing the engine to run for at least 30 minutes would probably be enough to fully charge it. However, if the car keeps stalling, a new battery is probably needed.
  • Vacuum Advance or Incorrect Ignition Timing – When a vehicle stalls after taking on a sudden massive increase in load, the problem could be either a vacuum advance or incorrect ignition timing.
  • Clutch or Fuel Problem – For a manual transmission, if a car stalls when starting to drive from a stationary position, either the clutch or the fuel is the likely problem.
  • Fuel Filter – Another reason for stalled cars is the fuel filter, which could cause a problem when putting the vehicle in gear. This is especially an issue in some older cars in which crud has accumulated on the bottom of the fuel tank. It might take changing the fuel filter two or three times within a four- to five-week period but this often helps.
  • Electrical System – Cars have a fuel system and an electrical system, both potential contributors to stalling. For instance, if a vehicle stalls while driving, the problem could be something minor such as a loose ignition switch or ground wires. However, the electrical system is very likely the culprit.
  • Bad Coils, Plugs, or Plug Wires – Another possible cause of stalled cars while driving is the coils, plugs, or plug wires being bad. In this case, the engine runs very rough and misfires, ultimately causing the car to stall.
  • Fuel System – A car might stall while driving because of the fuel pump going out. This particular system is comprised of many components such as fuel filters, fuel pump, and fuel injectors. However, when the pump goes bad, fuel is no longer being pumped to the engine, causing the stall while driving.
  • Timing Belt – This is yet another reason for stalled cars. Something as simple as a broken timing belt is all it takes.
  • Computer System – While computer systems in newer vehicles are responsible for numerous amenities and fun features, this system can also cause a vehicle to stall. If the actual computer system or one of its components were to stop working, a stall could ensue.
  • Ford Shut-Down Switch – Many people who drive Ford vehicles are unaware that inside the trunk is a shut-down switch. This switch is intended to keep fuel from flowing to the engine and possibly starting fire in the case of an accident. While this is a nice feature, if someone were to rear end the vehicle but without causing any real damage, the impact could be just enough to cause the switch to flip. With this, the car would stall. The good news is that this switch can simply be flipped back, allowing the car to start.
  • Dodge Shut-Down Feature – This feature serves much the same purpose as the switch in Ford vehicles but the biggest difference is that the shut-down feature in Dodge cars is part of the computer system. Because of this, it cannot be flipped back into position. Instead, any damage to this unique feature would need to be repaired by a trained professional.

Peter Howards loves to share information, so you can determine if really your car is stalled (in Denmark, people refer to this term as Er bilen gået i stå) for your car. Currently he works for Falck – a Danish company specialised in providing radside assistance.