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Sure most people like to buy a brand , spanking new car or truck.  Yet in today’s economic climate of 2012 it may not be possible that your or your family’s transportation budget can be stretched to cover the new vehicle off the lot – and used autos may be your main option for reliable transportation.  Yet just how can you quickly , succinctly and accurately judge used vehicles at dealership lots or at private sales ?  While its true that even the most experienced “body guys”  and  mechanical service techs have been known to be “taken”  there are a  good number of steps and procedures that you can employ to your benefit to reduce your chances of being “taken”.

Conduct a Full & Thorough Examination of the Outside of the Vehicle:

Firstly look at the outside of the car or truck – the appearance and appearances themselves  can tell you an awful lot about how the previous owner or owners cared for the vehicle.  In addition you can be forewarned about events and disasters to come.  What do experienced fleet and auto dealership buyers look for at say auto auctions ?   First they advise look for unmatched paint.  This is a good tip off that the car was most likely in an accident and has subsequently been repainted. A totally repainted  car with paint on chrome or even plastic moldings as well as rubber sealing strips, may well indicate that something has been covered up ( or even hidden).

Check for Fresh Welds Under the Hood & On the Bottom of the Trunk Compartment:

Another set of tips that a cursory examination of the automobile’s exterior can yield are fresh welds in the  trunk compartments or under the hood in the engine compartments themselves.  As well get out and crawl around under the car or truck for a brief check and inspection. Note that if the car has been parked in a garage – ask to take said vehicle out in the daylight where natural light at brighter levels may show up more and additional “hidden sins”.  Sight along the sides of the truck ,van , minivan or S.U.V.  To examine for uneven places that may well mean body work – as a result of a previous accident or even sets of collisions.

Do Doors Open , Close & Seal Good & Tight:

See to it that doors , hood and trunk open , close properly and fit tight like a glove. It not it could be yet a tip off of an accident that may not show up on the computerized auto history records that are readily available online and that auto dealers proffer as proof that “this vehicle has not been in any accidents ( as far as we know).  Its your call

A Thorough Exam of the Exterior of Vehicles Will Allow You to Rule Out Lemons & Be in a Better Car Negotiating Position:

The beauty of a full yet thorough examination of any vehicle that you are viewing with an aim to purchase are at least two.  Firstly you can eliminate potential problem vehicles and money pits.  Secondly you will be placed in the drivers seat to negotiate a much better auto deal and financing terms.

Thomas Langley

Langley loves to talk about cars and how with careful choices consumers can be way ahead with reliable transportation and within their personal or family budgets.  Thomas has worked across the gamut of auto dealers in Surrey B.C. – yet his loyal customers seem to seek him out as he changes shop throughout the greater Vancouver & Fraser Valley regions