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Thanks to the new design lines adopted by Chrysler Group LLC for Dodge Caravan, the sales increased exponentially in 2012, exceeding Town & Country’s sales in number by more than 30,000 pieces. Furthermore, the specialists working in the Dodge service center confirm that new features will be added to future Dodge and Chrysler minivan models.

Understanding the New Features and Their Importance

Chrysler has many reasons to adopt new features and change the design of its minivan. Evidently, one of them is the fact that they intend to keep the “territory” they conquered in this market segment. Additionally, the fact that the new features will bring them incredible sales in the future is pretty convincing. For 2013, Chrysler is considering a new architecture for the minivan, which will shrink the original model and turn Dodge Grand 2013 into a wonderful automobile. Some of the new features are:

  • New Exterior: Chrysler Group LLC proposes a new, slick design, which delivers different appliqués, finishing touches, moldings, handles and deep tint sunscreen glass. The new, amazing style reflects an efficient, thoughtful design.
  • Interior Configurations: Undeniably, hauling children is a key reason for buying a seven-seater minivan. To accommodate children and make them feel comfortable, the new Caravan models include more than 80 possible configurations.
  • Class-Exclusive Blu-ray Video System: A minivan is one of the few automobiles that permit people to go on a family vacation. Evidently, since most family vacations include teenagers, having a class-executive Blu-ray video system is a great entertainment option.


  • Power Dual Sliding Doors: The need to complete different tasks without holding the doors open has lead to anew addition: the power dual sliding doors, which allow you to concentrate on more important things than getting cargo in and out without destroying it.
  • New Roof Rack System: Since more and more people are looking forminivans that can carry extra weight, Chrysler has developed a foldable roof rack, appropriate for carrying up to an extra 150 pounds.

Turning Grand Caravan into a safer automobile delivers one more reason to change its architecture. The new model proposes more than 45 standard tech, safety and security features, including seven airbags, electronic stability control, active front head restraints and crush zones, which redirect force from passengers. Additionally, Chrysler Group’s design chief is already planning to redesign Grand Caravan 2015, aiming for a romantic look.

John Shelton is a self-proclaimed car buff that enjoys writing about the latest trends in the auto industry.