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There seems no way out of the recession, with the potential for an unprecedented triple dip on the horizon, so what does that mean for your transport needs?  Many people have not changed their car for a while now and if you’re one of those whose car is coming to the end of its shelf life, then you’ve probably been trying to figure out how to afford a new one.   Well, you don’t have to.  Instead, why not try refurbishing your current car?  Yes, it’s going to cost you time and money, but it will cost considerably less than buying a new one.  By getting that gearbox repaired, those lights refitted and the paintwork touched up; your old banger can become once again your perfect car.

Start Your Engines

The first place to start is the most important, naturally.  The engine and transmission needs to work before you can start on anything else.  The best way to do this is to take your car apart and clean everything properly before getting stuck in to any repairs to the gearbox, engine, clutch or anything else.  Cleaning it up will allow you to see everything you need to and will also help to make sure the engine is in good condition.  It is probably a good idea to send any parts that look a bit worse for wear off to be repaired or to look at getting replacements for those parts that are likely to give up the ghost.

When you’ve cleaned and repaired the gearbox and everything else that goes in with the engine, then put everything back together and see how it runs.  Chances are you’re already going to see a big improvement in the car’s performance, although there is still a long way to go.  The next stage is to get the engine tuned up to a good state.  Tuning the engine of a car is an often overlooked method for wringing that little extra bit of efficiency out of the engine.  While it is not the cheapest method of saving money, it is one of the more effective, as you can substantially increase the efficiency of your car.  Combine this with a repaired gearbox, clutch, alternator, etc. and you can see your old banger really starting to return to what it once was.

Stop Your Car from Braking up

So, now you’ve managed to sort out the engine and the running of the car, it is important to concentrate on the condition of your car’s brakes. It is vital that you make sure your brakes are in tip top condition and while you’re probably not going to save any money by replacing them, you could save a lot more than just money.  So, make sure to check all the brakes and replace any components that are showing signs of age.  Once this is done, you can move onto the look and feel of your car.

Unlike under the bonnet, where you may have replaced the crank shaft and repaired the gearbox, the inside of the car could just do with a good clean.  Give it a good scrub and it could come up looking brand new.  If you get a chance, you could look at weight reduction, to really try and save on that fuel bill, but unless you take out the things that really eat the fuel – such as the radio – you’re not going to find much in savings and you could make your car experience worse.  Your car is almost ready to go, now, except the exterior.  Instead of just getting it re-sprayed, which can cost a lot, try touching up the areas that are damaged.  Match the colour well and make sure to try it out on a part of the car you’re not going to see much of first.

Thomas Smith loves nothing more than saving a few pennies here and there and doing up cars is in his blood.  If you are in need of upgrading your car then instead of buying a new one, do as I recommend and concentrate on using professional services to improve things like engine and gearbox repair.