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Do you have a reliable vehicle? We depend on our vehicles to get us from one place to the next. Our car’s make it possible to manage our “to-do” lists and everything in between. If you stay on top of your preventative maintenance you expect your vehicle to last as long as possible. However, do you consider your personal driving habits? If you take two vehicles that are identical in every way, but have two different drivers, with two different driving styles, one will wear out before the other. Here are a few driving habits to avoid and tips to consider.

Who uses their parking brake? It’s something we easily forget to do, but it will add years to your transmission and extend the life of your vehicle. It’s a good idea to pull up your parking brake even when you’re on level ground. You will take stress off of your transmission by locking up the non-drive and drive wheels when pulling up your parking brake. Don’t forget to pull up your parking brake.

Are guilty of riding your brakes down a hill? This is one habit you should try to avoid. It may feel safer, but you are just causing your brake pads to heat up and wear out faster. To ensure you don’t burn up your pads, try alternating between braking and letting off the brake. This will ensure that that cushioning is still around to keep you out of an unfortunate accident.

Before you hop out of your car, don’t forget to turn off your car’s accessories. Shutting off your wipers and climate control before you turn off your vehicle actually makes a big difference. Leaving everything on will require more effort from your car the next time you start it up. Save your engine from wear and tear and remember to power down all accessories.

Have you ever run out of gas before? Pushing your car to that limit is never a good idea. When it’s time to head home after a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is stop to fill up, but trying to run on fumes is dangerous. This means that your car is sucking in the grimy sediment left over in the tank. This sediment then clogs your fuel injectors and will cause damage to the engine in the process.

Since you most likely use your vehicle every single day, it only makes sense to bring it to your trusted Auto Repair shop in your city. Just as you visit your doctor for health screening and checkups, be sure to schedule routine maintenance checks with your mechanic that is ASE certified.