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You know the look of a brand new car and how much you love showing it off, so why not keep your car looking like that for years after you purchase it? Rather than eventually having to drive around a worn-out looking vehicle, there are, in fact, pretty easy and straightforward ways to keep your car looking like new, so that you can have that new car pride everywhere you drive.

1. Wash Your Car Regularly

The first thing you should do in order to keep your car looking like new is set up a schedule so that you will be sure to regularly wash it and clean off all of the dirt, debris, and other appearance-ruining film on the exterior. If you do not regularly wash your car, the heat from the sun, combined with the harsh road debris that accumulates on the paint of your car, will eventually cause the paint to fade, chip, and rust, making your car look many years older than it actually is. Therefore, keeping the exterior of your car clean with regular washes at a car wash (where they can properly dispose of the soapy water without it getting into the natural environment and into the waterways) is extremely important. And even if you keep your car in a garage whenever you are home, you should still make it a point to give it regular washes.

2. Keep the Windows Sparkling Clean

Having all of your car’s windows maintained in excellent condition will also keep it looking newer for longer. Shiny, clear windows are what you see on brand new cars that come out of the car dealership, so you definitely want to make sure you clean the windows both on the inside as well as on the outside. And the bonus is that you will have greater visibility while you drive by doing so. Clean your windows at least as often as you wash the exterior of your car.

3. Wax Your Car’s Exterior

After every car wash, you should have a professional apply wax to your car as well, or you can do so yourself at home. The wax will form a protective layer across the entire exterior surface of your vehicle so that, while your car is exposed to the elements and while you are driving, any debris that hits the paint, from bugs to sand and dirt, will adhere to the wax and not to the paint of the car. All of this debris will then wash off during your next car wash, leaving the paint beneath it looking like new.

4. Maintain the Interior of Your Car As Well

After making sure that the exterior of your vehicle looks like new, you also want to make sure that the interior is in great condition as well. Regularly vacuum the inside of your car, throw out any trash that may be lying around to keep it all neat and clean, and get rid of all of the dust that inevitably accumulates across the dashboard.

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