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Who is not aware of the importance of headlights of car? Headlights are one of the integral parts of any car system and the same holds true for the Chevy Metro headlights. The Chevy Metro headlights play crucial role in maintaining the safety and security of the riders while driving. Headlights not only make dark roads visible at night but also increase the visibility of the driver in rainy, foggy, and snowy seasons.

By built, Chevy metro has never been as sturdy and tough as any other SUVs. In fact, untoward accidents and minor crashes call for frequent replacements of its parts like Chevy Metro headlights. As we know, all car headlights are prone to be broken frequently because they are positioned in such a way! Therefore, one cannot blame Chevy Metro headlights for its frequent needs for replacement. However, once broken, car headlights have to be replaced immediately as the headlights are essential part of a car.

Step 1

Start replacement process by buying authentic 9007 Chevy Metro headlights from authentic retailer.

Step 2

Now make sure the ignition key is in the off position and the headlights switch is also off.

Step 3

Now open the hood of your Metro and locate the rear of the headlamps. You will find a plug assemble there.

Step 4

Now try to take the harness out by turning it counter clockwise.

Step 5

Adjust the clips that hold the old bulb into place and take the bulb out. Dispose the bulb soon as you take it out.

Step 6

Hold the new bulb with towel and place it at the end of the harness and twist the bulb clockwise until it clicks.

Step 7

Now reposition the bulb and harness into the headlight assembly. To fix it properly, turn the harness clockwise.

Step 8

Now test whether the Chevy Metro headlights are working properly or not.

Make sure you do not touch the bulbs with bare hand as the natural oil on your fingers make the bulbs fail permanently. Not only natural oil, but if the bulb comes into contact with any dirt or debris that came from your finger, the glass will explode after reaching full operating temperature. Therefore, make sure you use a paper towel or gloves to handle the new bulb. Also, read the user manual thoroughly before you start replacing Chevy Metro headlights. Remember, replacing the headlights is an easy job once you follow the aforementioned steps but in case you feel unsure about replacing the headlights on your own, take the help of a professional mechanic.