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I can never understand why people complain about driving in the UK. Sure, sometimes the traffic is bad, there are lots of controls and cameras in place and sometimes I get stuck behind a tractor or a convoy of caravans, but I still love it.

We tend to associate great driving with big countries like the USA and Australia, where there are so many wide, open spaces to cruise through. However, Britain also has a lot to offer the discerning driver, and because it is more compact and densely populated you can explore plenty of it without ever being far from civilisation. In fact, if you want to feel like Bruce Springsteen behind the wheel in the UK then here are a few tips for doing it.

Get Off the Beaten Track

The first tip has to be to explore new areas. We are very lucky in the UK in that the standard of roads is incredibly high wherever we go. This means that you can get off the beaten track without fear. Try packing a picnic and checking out some places nearby which you have heard of but never been to. Some of my favourite car trips were pretty short but took me to places I had only ever heard of before. Of course, the ever rising cost of petrol means that the cost could put you off the idea right away. However, I reckon that all you have to do is make it a priority, just like you do with the other things you really want to do. I make sure that when my wages come in each month I tuck some of the money away for our weekend trips, as I just couldn’t imagine getting through a month without being able to do this.

Choose the Right Vehicle

This point isn’t about needing to use a flash sports car or a giant Cadillac; it is about getting out on the road in a vehicle which you feel comfortable in. I went through a spell of using hire cars and I found that the quality of the vehicle made quite a big difference to the fun I got from my trips. I have wanted to try a caravan or a camper van for some time, as I now have a growing family to take out on the road with me. They are starting to get a bit uncomfortable in the back of our car and I like the idea of letting them play and have plenty of space while I am up front driving.

Get the Music Right

I mentioned Bruce Springsteen in the title because my favourite ever driving experience came when I played one of his cassettes in my car for the first time, which means that I now associate a great drive with The Boss. As I glided across the Scottish countryside, with Springsteen singing about life on the road while I avoided stray deer and the odd haggis, I discovered the importance of in car music for the first time. I would now say that there is definitely no better way to enjoy a drive in your car. My personal preference is for a bit of classic rock buy hey, whatever gets your head nodding and your fingers drumming on the steering wheel has got to be good.

Enjoy the Experience

Finally, you can’t forget that going out for a drive is meant to be a fun experience which is one of the highlights of your week. I use my car for going to work from Monday to Friday so I like to get it out for some fun on Sundays whenever I can. This is a great day for enjoying your vehicle and getting out and seeing a bit more of the world. A sunny day is clearly great for rolling down the windows but I also enjoy turning up the heating on a chilly morning and getting out and about.

Once you get the right vehicle and sort out your car insurance you will be ready to enjoy some great trips around the UK.