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There are countless websites claiming they can track down the best deal on car insurance, but where can you really get the best deal? Car comparison sites are a genuinely good place to start to find a ballpark insurance price to work from; calling up a list of insurance companies, the type of cover they offer and the cheapest deal out there.

Make Use Of Price Comparison Sites

There’s nothing wrong with utilising car comparison websites as useful tool for a quick search, but it also doesn’t hurt to pay a secondary visit to the official website of the company that offers the best deal to see if a cheaper quote can be garnered.  Similar with any middle man, comparison websites will often include an added charge to the quotes shown in return for the service provided. Go Compare, Compare The Market, Confused and Money Supermarket are all trusted comparison websites. Depending on personal preference each can provide a solid place to begin a search for the best deals on car insurance.

Are You Up for Renewal?

When it’s more of a case of insurance renewal than first time purchase, this can work in the consumers favour. It’s hardly ever the case that a single car insurance company will offer the cheapest possible quote two years running, so when the renewal arrives make a note of the figure quoted and use it as a starting point. If a better deal can be sourced elsewhere, return to the original insurance supplier and inform them of the findings.


The Competition for Your Business Is Fierce

Car insurance companies are often in fierce competition to secure customers -insurance is a pricy business- and will, more often than not, try to convince their customer to stick with them, either by lowering the price of insurance, or adding useful extras such as free added breakdown cover. Added extras thrown in free of cost with the cover shouldn’t be underestimated, saving both time and money later.

Be Sure to Shop Around

Shop around, haggle between companies and work out the cost of peripherals such protected no claims bonus or legal expenses [providing financial relief should an accident dispute result in legal involvement], to secure a really great deal on car insurance.  Remember, they do want your business, so don’t settle for the first deal that you find. You can pretty much guarantee that you’ll find a better deal if you keep shopping around.

Thanks to Bob Pollock from Dronsfields Mercedes specialist in Manchester for this post. Bob is a motoring enthusiast and contributes to a number of motoring blogs.