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The fluctuating economy has led many Americans to hold on to their cars and perform their own repairs. The tough economic conditions are making these car owners attempt their own repairs. Unfortunately, there are common car maintenance mistakes that even the most seasoned and experienced do-it-yourselfers can commit. As a car owner, you must know that these mistakes can lead to costly problems and dangerous situations. Here are a few of the expensive repair and maintenance blunders that car owners, like you, must avoid.

Failure To Change The Oil On Time

Oil change is a critical part of car maintenance. The scheduled oil change for every vehicle is indicated in the owner’s manual and it must be done on time; however, this also depends on the car model. The car manufacturer might recommend the owner to change the oil at specific intervals, sometimes as high as 10,000 miles, or when the oil sensor indicates that the oil is dirty. With that said, as a car owner, you need to first learn the recommendations for your vehicle and remind yourself when the oil needs to be changed.

Constant Automobile Tune-Up

With today’s new development in automobile technology, there is no longer any need for car tune-up. Valves no longer need to be adjusted, and the ignition timing is now controlled by a computer. Since many of the car’s system are now controlled by a computer, the only thing you can do is change the spark plug. It is best to speak to your local automotive shop to determine the best time to bring your vehicle in for servicing.

Not Checking The Tires

You have to understand that tires wear out and when they do, they lose pressure. Tires with low pressure can compromise your fuel consumption. This will increase your fuel costs and the tires will wear faster and must be replaced sooner. With that said, it will lead to huge maintenance costs. To save yourself from expensive costs on repair and to avoid frequently buying new tires, you must regularly check your tire pressure.

Failure to Change A Dirty Air Filter

Air filters allow clean air into the car’s engine to help the carburetor with combustion. A semi-clogged filter will lead to higher costs on fuel consumption. In addition, it will also put an iron grip on your vehicle’s air supply; thus, your engine will work harder than normal. Lastly, a dirty air filter can cause the car’s sensor to fail, resulting to more expensive repair bills.

As a tip, you need to change the air filter at least twice as often as the schedule indicated in your owner’s manual, especially if you are living in the city. It is also recommended to bring your vehicle to your local automobile shop to have the air filter replaced.

Forgetting To Tighten Your Gas Cap

If you notice that your Check Engine light is on, you must inspect whether the gas cap is placed properly. The gas cap must be on tightly since this is one of the most common reasons for setting off the vehicle’s diagnostic system. The gas cap is a very critical part of the car’s ventilation system. You have to understand that the loose gas cap overpowers the system’s venting arrangement.

These are just a few of the most common car maintenance blunders that can lead to huge repair costs. It is best to trust a professional mechanic when it comes to maintaining your vehicle.

Kris Bennette is a blogger for car websites where she writes about common car maintenance mistakes. She advises her readers to bring their vehicle to a trusted car repair shop, such as Avenue Wheel Shop, for regular maintenance.