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The four rings on the logo of German motoring giant Audi have been instantly recognisable for decades and synonymous with the company’s success since its inception. Under the majority control of Volkswagen there have been numerous excellent Audi models produced over the last few decades and these are five of the best.


Production of the R8 began in 2006 and the two-seater mid-engine sports car managed to blend speed and great handling to the extent that it was ideal to use on a day-by-day basis. Just shy of 10,000 were made altogether and little over 300 of the GT model were produced with this particular version capable of a maximum speed of 199 mph.

RS2 Avant

This five-door station wagon surprised a lot of people due to the fact its performance exceeded its specification in a lot of ways. The RS2 was produced for sixteen months from March 1994 and reached 60mph in only 4.8 seconds with its 2.2 litre engine also allowing it to hit a top speed of 162.8 mph. It was also discovered in 1995 that the RS2’s 0-30mph time of only 1.5 seconds made it quicker than Formula One driver Jacques Villeneuve’s race car at that time.


This performance version of the original was produced from August 1991 and Audi collectors refer to it as the Ur-S4, referring to the German term ‘Ursprünglich’,  meaning ‘original’, as it was the first of the S4s. Its 4.2 litre V8 engine and high quality suspension helped to make it very popular with consumers.

90 Quattro 20V

Arriving in 1987, the Audi 90 was a natural progression from the 80 which had gone before it and the design changes included more high-beam lights than its predecessor and a change in position for the indicators from next to the headlights to much closer to its fog lights. The 90 Quattro 20v was capable of a top speed of 135 mph.

Sport Quattro S1

Rated at the top (or very close to it) in many Audi enthusiasts’ list of favourites, the Sport Quattro S1 secured its place as one of the absolute best Group B rally cars there has ever been. Considering the quality of this class of rally cars the fact that this Audi is so high up in that category speaks volumes about how much of a classic it is seen as. Production of the Sport Quattro S1 began in 1985.

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