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Car enthusiasts like to spend hour upon hour fiddling with their pride and joy, tightening this, loosening that… there are always more jobs to do. People who love working on their car really need a garage but not everybody is blessed with one. Working on a car in the middle of the pouring rain or the blazing heat is not much fun though. But there is a solution that you may not have thought of… why not have a temporary pop up garage? It’s more possible than you might think….

What is a Pop-up Garage?

A pop-up garage is a temporary shelter that you can put anywhere in order to work underneath it. They are available in all sorts of sizes, shapes and colours so no matter what the job is there’s a canopy out there that will help you out.  Even those with a garage could benefit from some extra space to work in – it’s definitely becoming a more and more popular choice for car lovers everywhere. Even boat owners are using them too!

Benefits of Covering Up

We all know how harmful the sun’s rays can be. Men who work with their tops off are particularly at risk from sunburn. Too much exposure to the sun is linked with skin cancers and all sorts of other health risks so it’s really not worth taking the chance. You can find pop-up garages which are made from sun-resistant material which protects you as you work. It’ll also help keep you much cooler.

If it’s the rain that you are trying to avoid then a pop-up tent is your answer too. You can work on your car in any weather, fully protected. It’ll stop rain seeping into any exposed parts of the car you are working on and will also help your visibility as you work.

Pop-up canopies also double up as a great spot for temporary storage. If you have an item of furniture waiting for removal for instance, throw the canopy over the top of it to protect it from the elements. There are plenty of other great uses for them too – from party canopies to craft stall covers and everything in between.

And when you don’t need it anymore… simply take it down and store it. They are very lightweight and easy to pack away until the next time you want to use them.

How Are They Made?

The quality of the material depends very much on how much you are prepared to spend. If you have a certain thing in mind they can be made to order but the choice and variety on the market means that you will probably find what you are looking for off the shelf. Basic cheap options are made with plastic poles but higher up the quality scale you’ll find ones with telescopic legs made out of a much more durable material such as galvanised steel.

A canopy has so many uses it’s worth investing in a good quality one. You won’t look back (and you’ll get loads done under it!).

Henry Gale is a leading dealer of portable garages. He has over 7 years of business experience and considers it to be a fabulous option for those who don’t have one of their own. A car lover, he discusses various aspects of automobiles on his blog.