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Saturn Ion mirrors are indispensable body part of the Ion. Starting from outside view to inside view, and even side view, the Saturn Ion mirrors give drivers a clearer view of everything that comes in the path of the car. Just like any other vehicle mirrors, the Saturn Ion mirrors not only help drivers park their cars in a more accurate and safer way but also help to drive in a safer way by providing clearer view of the road. The outside mirrors reflect the side and behind view of the car whereas the rearview mirror reflects the objects out of the rear window. Car mirrors such as the Saturn Ion mirrors, depending upon the curves, reflect anything within its scope. The Saturn Ion mirrors help the driver know about the exact condition and setting of the traffic so that driver can make a right decision on the road.

In case, your Saturn Ion has a broken side view mirror, keeping in mind the immense functional importance of the Saturn Ion side view mirrors, immediate replacement of broken mirror is important. For replacement you do not have to go to a garage or dealership. In fact, replacing the Saturn Ion mirrors is so easy that you can replace the side view mirrors on your own.

Step 1

Buy replacement Saturn Ion mirrors from reputed online retailers.

Step 2

Roll down the window and take keys out of ignition.

Step 3

To avoid the risk of electrocution, disconnect the battery’s negative cable.

Step 4

Locate the plastic panel that is inside the door and directly behind the Saturn Ion side view mirror. Use a screw driver to pry the panel away from the door. Removing the panel is not difficult as the panel is attached with main internal plastic door panel and once the three clips that hold the plastic panel with the door are removed, the panel will be replaced easily.

Step 5

Now you will find a foam piece inside the hole of the removed panel. Carefully remove that foam piece and disconnect the cord of the power mirror from the door panel connection.

Step 6

Locate 3 bolts and use a socket or a ratchet to take out the side view mirror bolts so that the entire mirror assembly from the car can be removed easily. Pry the plastic tabs and use a torx driver to separate the mirror from the mirror assembly. Support the old mirror during removal. Once the bolts are removed, pull the old mirror away from the door.

Step 7

To install a new mirror first place the new Saturn Ion mirror, attached to the backing, into the mirror assembly and tighten the screws to attach the mirror to the door panel. Then re-connect the power mirror cord to the cord on the door panel.

Step 8

Place the foam piece back in its position and replace the screws to install the Saturn Ion mirror cover. Place all the clips and attach the door panel then tighten all screws. Put all the screw caps in the reverse order.

Step 9

Now, connect the battery, and check that the Saturn Ion power mirror works properly or not.

Following the above steps, replacing the Saturn Ion mirrors will not be difficult anymore. However, before replacing the mirrors make sure you have gone through the user manual thoroughly. In case, you feel unsure about changing the Saturn Ion mirrors on your own, contact a professional mechanic for replacing the mirrors.