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The demise of Detroit has been as tragic as it has been dramatic. Whereas once the great Motor City was the hub of American industry, now it holds the record for the murder capital of the States and continually teeters on the verge of bankruptcy.

The Big Three

In the post-war years, Detroit thrived thanks to the ‘Big Three’ automobile companies which provided jobs and industry to the people of the city and more importantly, to the States as a whole. Ford, GM and Chrysler represent the heart and soul of the Motor City and are once again at the forefront of the proposed redevelopment. A fresh lease of life is much needed in the Metro Detroit area, with continually dwindling population numbers not assisted by the record unemployment and crime rates the city suffers.

While it is unlikely for the city to return to its glory years, despite the continued presence of the Big Three, the automotive industry is continuing to try to assist in the redevelopment of the community. The Mexicantown Mercado has long since been abandoned – like much of the Motor City – but Ford Motor Company have announced plans to donate $10 million into renovating the building to become a community centre for those in need, providing food and resources for the massive unemployed population.


Community efforts

The Big Three’s commitment to the area is commendable, as many companies have continually fled for pastures new. The Big Three themselves have not been without their financial difficulties, however, with both Chrysler and General Motors both requiring government bailout to rescue them from bankruptcy in recent years. After considering leaving the area, it was decided that the Big Three would commit their efforts to revitalizing the city and the community which allowed them to flourish in the 1950s.

It is hoped that the Big Three’s commitment to Detroit will attract new businesses into the Detroit area, as it will be near impossible to restore the city to its former glory with only the help of three automotive companies. While it is imperative that the United States’ domestic automotive trade commits to Detroit if it is to have any chance of raising both population levels and employment rates, other corporations are needed in the area in order to provide both jobs and industry.

While it is admirable for companies to commit to the area, the element of risk which puts many off the area is obvious. With rampant crime seeing homicide rates rise from 377 in 2011 to 411 in 2012, the city has major problems. As the city itself battles against bankruptcy, the world watches on with intrigued eyes in the hope that the great Motor City can once again rise with the help of the automotive industry.

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