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Looking for a new set of wheels? Well, you have a lot to choose from! New and used cars of hundreds of makes and models are waiting for your test drive. But to narrow down the search, you should determine which type you want – new or used? There are pros and cons to both, but here are the advantages of buying a new car instead of used.

Get What You Want

With a new car, you’re able to pick and choose exactly which features you want and which you can do without. You can choose the exact specifications you prefer, and your car can be made-to-order. With a used car, you can’t select features because that’s already been done. You’re limited to what’s right in front of you, but your options for a new car are essentially limitless.


New cars straight from the manufacturer always have the best warranties available. Your warranty is so important, and you’ll have to pay extra to get a great warranty on a certified pre-owned car. If you buy a used car straight from the seller, don’t expect any warranty at all; even though it’s a time when you might need one the most. A new car offers you more protection as a buyer.


There are tougher safety standards for cars now than there ever were before. A new car will have all the latest safety features, and you can easily compare safety ratings between new cars. Used cars, depending on when they were made and by who, may not be as safe as a new car. They may not have all the safety features you want, either, like side airbags.

Be the Only Owner

Used cars have had at least one previous owner, and a new car is all yours. While used cars can be very nice, they can also have a lot of wear and tear. A new car is in pristine condition, and you know exactly what’s happened to it in its short life. You can never completely sure that a used car has never been in an accident, and you have no control over how its previous owners treated it.


New cars can often have great built-in features like a hands-free calling system, GPS, satellite radio, MP3 player, television screens, and more. If you want the latest technology, it’s easy to get. Used cars don’t always have these tech features, and some still have only tape decks! It’s much easier to buy a new car that has what you want versus installing the same tech features in a used car.

Fuel Efficiency

Just as safety standards are rising, so are fuel efficiency and emissions standards. New cars are much more likely to have better fuel efficiency than used cars, even when comparing the same make and model. With gas prices these days, fuel efficiency is so important and often one of a buyer’s top priorities. If it’s one of yours, a new car is your best bet.

Jenna Ingram is an automobile professional and freelance writer who works in Nissan sales. She often writes about the best ways to shop for cars and what to look for when you buy.

Photo Credit: The U.S. National Archives