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It is understandable that the easiest solution is not always feasible for everyone – drive less, there are other solutions that may be more suitable and should be considered when it comes to your car.

  • Invest. What this means is that you should consider putting in a little money to your car to get a better consumption. If your main concern is not the money factor but just the whole aspect of being more environmentally friendly than you can just skip through all the calculations if it will be better for your wallet. Sometimes people get confused as to why they drive less and use more gas than before. There is a high possibility that your car is getting older, or that there is something in your car that might need to get fixed or upgraded. For those concerned mostly on the money, get on your local search engine and get some estimates on assessments of your car. One of the things that might be affecting your fuel consumption is your transmission – call a mechanic that is local! I did this, the top account that showed up on Google for me was and I called them and they helped me out big time. See the costs and find out how much you waste on gas, might be worth it to get your car repaired before you have to spend more on replacing your car than you would have on fixing it.


  • Get rid of the bike racks! This sounds kind of silly to a lot of people, but it is very important. Extra weight in your car makes your car use more gas. A bike rack is an example of one of those things. I know people who have their bike rack on their car all year – and actually use it three times. The amount of money can add up. Bike racks are the most common thing, intense ski racks, crates and other things can also make an affect.


  • Carpool. If you are going to the same place as someone else who lives near you Carpool. Do not feel awkward in asking this. It will save both of you money. If it is for work you can alternate – I recommend by weeks because days can be more difficult to keep track of and make you forget. If it is a one time thing like a cottage – pitch in for gas, at least you are paying half the amount you were supposed to compared to the original.


Whatever you do, everyone is in a similar situation. It is understandable with rising gas prices. Do not be shy, it is better for the environment and for your wallet.

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