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So, with the new set of tyres now sorted (the excellent Vredestein Wintrac Xtremes), I went about ordering some Winter wheels to go with them. I’ve been testing out the new tyres on the BMW on the Summer wheels and, to be honest, I don’t think it’ll be practical to just have the one set of wheels. Having to keep swapping them is already a pain in the rear, not to mention the risk of damaging the tyres every time I swap over. With payday looming, I set my sights on a set of Alutec alloys.

After a bit of research, I narrowed it down to two sets: the E and V designs. Both were in my price range (or there about!) and came recommended. The reviews and forums I read pretty much confirmed what I’d heard before – German quality, durable and tough in winter weather, and worth the extra money. The fact that they both were TUV approved and came with a 5 year warranty sealed it for me.

Although the 7-spoke V set were a little cheaper, I’ve always preferred the look of 5-spoke wheels. The E designs are definitely the best looking I’ve seen in a while, so I thought I’d stretch the budget a little further. You only live once, eh?


I ordered them from Tyremen yesterday and managed to get a pretty good deal, so hopefully they’ll be here in time for this weekend. I’m itching to get them on the BMW with the Vredestein tyres to get my money’s worth of them! We’re not going to get any snow any time soon, but I can definitely test them out in the rain. Mind you, with the weather we’ve been having lately you can’t be certain what this Winter will be like. Let’s just hope we have plenty of snow!

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