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So you think you are ready to take your first driving lesson? Getting behind the wheel of a car for the first time can be quite scary for some people, whereas others have been looking forward to the day they could try the car out for themselves since they were very small. No matter your age or your level of driving knowledge there will be the driving instructor out there that will be able to take you from your first tentative lesson through to the day when you can put away your ‘L’ plates for good. It really is best to learn with a fully qualified instructor – there are many people who rely on a family member or friend to teach them to drive, but all you will really learn from this is all of their bad habits that will probably see you failing your test.

Learning Plan

A professional instructor will take you through a series of lessons where your progress is planned and monitored. You will not be asked to do something too soon if you are not ready for it, nor will you be held back if your skills are reasonably good. You should remember that your instructor will probably have been driving for a very long time and will be far more knowledgeable about the rules of the road than your family are.

There is also less emotion involved in lessons with a professional instructor. Families are emotional at the best of times and you may find that whatever relationship you have with whoever is offering to teach you to drive could suffer as a consequence. It is also highly unlikely that your friend or relative has read the Highway Code recently, or is up to date with the latest legislation regarding road use; your professional instructor however will be, and it is his or her information that you will be relying on to get you through your test.

Research Instructors

Do your research and don’t just go with the first driving school that you see advertised. Ring around and make enquiries. Ask about the average number of lessons before you are submitted for testing, and remember to ask about their success rate, the type of car that they use and whether they offer a discount for lessons booked in blocks. See who offers you the best deal, has the most experience, and is willing to take you on as a student. You need an instructor that is going to give you regular feedback, and inform you of your progress.

You should also look for an instructor that deals with the real life situation of owning and running a car. After all you need to know about how a car works and what to do at a petrol station. Many people manage to pass their tests but then know nothing about the car, you need to locate an instructor that will give you a rounded driving education, and not put you through for your test until you are absolutely ready to pass.

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